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The fasting has practiced during centuries in some cultures and religious traditions. Also it is an integral part of many of the practices of integral health. The benefits of the fasting generally are related to the cleaning and chemical decontamination of the body. Is the fasting a good strategy to lower of weight? The fasting and the loss of weight If the ingestion of calories is restricted during a very long period of time, for example one week, you can lower definitively of weight. The medical experts agree, nevertheless, this is not a healthful form to lower of weight.

First sera a fast loss of calories, the initial kilos loses and the weight of the water. When your body does not receive sufficient nutrition through time, it begins to burn fat to obtain energy and it breaks muscles to carry out the corporal processes with the protein necessity. The challenges of the fasting to lower of weight Happening of a juice fasting, for example, in that you only drink liquids during one week, ten days or more, it will give rise to the loss of weight. The answer of the body to that strategy, nevertheless, is the slowest metabolism. When the normal landlords of feeding with a slower metabolism start again themselves, it is probable that the increase of weight returns. The additional challenge of the fasting to lower of weight is that it does not teach to you how to put in practice a healthy diet.

The fasting can be a process without sense. Simply you are not eating. Finished the fasting volveras to the old woman habits of feeding and it is a safe form to reclaim the lost weight and something more. The other disadvantage of the prolonged fasting to lower of weight is that generally discomforts feel mareos indirect effect such as, fatigue and headaches.