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The first parachute jump c happened! I took off and landed – well! But what is surprising: the panic that you experience when facing the open door of an airplane at an altitude of about a thousand feet above the earth's surface, almost completely disappears from consciousness, as soon as your feet occur severe blow to the ground. Feeling under the feet of solid footing, as if I unconsciously moved away from those of his celestial weightless sensation. Recall our first training session: we were calm, confident, and naively believed himself fearless. The second training session gave us a pain in the muscles, the characteristic bluish marks on the body and at the same time, some insecurity in their physical capabilities. Approaching the moment of truth. And then, finally, came the same day! Among the multitude of minor details looms fill some documents about the removal from the club responsible for any possible negative (and more lethal) consequences of my jump, after – fitting-fitting parachute D-1-5, D-1-5U, D-6 (boots, helmets), loading and arrival at the airport. Opens the door of our truck bodies – and we get on from the shadows bathed in sunshine and stunning expanses of its vast field, overgrown with grass. Conducted the first to prepare: a parachute with a spare wheel and the bags are arranged in a neat pile near the appliance is installed with the funny striped red and white cap, which shows the wind direction is formed command observation post, a '' (ie we) are wandering, not knowing what to do with himself, take pictures and give voice to their video camera undefined emotions and feelings.