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We believe that the learning of leituraliga for tradition to the process of global formation of the individual, to the suacapacitao for the conviviality and social performance, politics, economic and cultural. To know to read means to possess the bases of umaeducao adjusted for life, means to inquire about the world, being also umaforma to conquer autonomy. The reading is the bridge for the process educacionaleficiente. However, ‘ ‘ crisis of leitura’ ‘ it makes with that the tornemimpotentes educators if. For the majority of these educators this crisis is due to absence deleitura of written text, mainly books, since the reading in one sentidoabrangente is more or less is of cogitao.

Brazil, in terms of publications, distribution and sales of material printed matter, mainly books, very leaves to adesejar. How much the libraries, nor sefala. But it offers comes increasing, also accessible prices the layers maisamplas of the population. In Brazil a mobilization in lathe has all dofomento to the reading and acquisition of books. All this mobilization in lathe daleitura and of the book is more than what opportune: it is urgent. After all, the reading is muitomais of what a pertaining to school instrument.

It is a passport for the entrance in the culturaescrita. A full citizenship without the use of the reading is not conceived. lerna school is to read to insert in the society scholar. The reading is not only aapropriao of the act to read and to write; it involves the domain of a set deprticas cultural that involves an understanding of the different world of that one dosque does not have access to the reading. The reading has a paper so significant nasociedade that we can say that it creates new identities, new forms social deinsero, new ways to think and to act. It is to precisofacilitar and to promote the will to read. It is learned to read it, for also half innovative demtodos. However, most important it is to find sensible in the reading, the pleasure to read, to discover, to know that after a text never we are the same ones. Felt it can be what the text brings, of the discovery of that, that already it exists at the moment of the production-literal one, to understand different the maisvariados ones and sensible. The reading cannot be taken as something suffered, but yes as algotil, satisfactory, significant.