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For where it walks the love? For where it walks the love that I in such a way wait, that yearning and desire? To the times I think that it is in my front, that if I to strain the arm, can until touching it, I find that passes for me, it waves to me and it goes even so. To the times dream that can be in the first smile that they offer to me, but also thinks, that it can be very far, where cannot hear beating of its heart. I do not know if it walks for the bars, if already it drank a toast with me, if it lives asking for the streets, as asks for my heart in such a way, where walks the love? I think that it can be working and without time to love, that it lives in the churches and already offered to its love the God, or lives in the esquinas and vendeu its love for as much, or passes shy and nor from fear raises the face if to deliver. For where it walks the love, he will be that he plays of if hiding with me, or already offered and I did not understand? He will be that of in such a way deceiving itself, he decided to give up and does not think more about dividing, will be that he was themselves before me and he left orphan my heart, or if he is deceptive dissimulating to be loving pra becoming the wait more easy? I find that of in such a way delivering itself it only decided to receive and thus lives waiting without giving to possibility pra if offering. I think that it can suffer from sleeplessness and of this skill already it does not obtain to dream.

Perhaps it takes a walk for other places and without knowing we lose in them in the failures in meeting of the life. It can until having IDO to travel and it forgot to come back pra if to find in my heart. Suddenly it lives of my side, but if it defends as who wants to always live if protecting. Singing for the life can until you, but the racket of the world does not leave me to hear. I can until having known to it, but the haste did not leave in them to have looked in the eyes. For where it walks the love? I only know that my chest is escancarado and my heart of opened arms, beating anxious in the wait of it to arrive.