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The greater the slope of horseback riding trails, greater is the impact that causes the flow of horses in the ecosystem. It’s that simple. If you would like to know more about Jill Schlesinger, then click here. This is one of the preliminary conclusions reached by the project supporting the sustainable development of horseback riding in protected wilderness areas running school guides in Patagonia with the Fund financing of environmental (FPA) the Commission national for the environment (CONAMA), with the support of the forest National Corporation (CONAF), the center of research in ecosystem of Patagonia (CIEP) and local operators of cavalcades of Villa Cerro Castillo. 4 Are the objectives of the initiative, which has a global amount of $22 million, of which the FPA contributes $9 million. The first is research, which develops the institution in coordination with CONAF and the CIEP by analysis of the impacts of tourist use of this activity in natural areas of the Aysen Region, for which the reserve was selected as a territory of study Nacional Cerro Castillo. Second – and complementary – is training students from the school guides of Patagonia, in a class module of 6 days duration in the field, and a mini course to members of the grouping of tourist services Castle in VIVO A.G (6 months), in techniques for minimizing impacts, the customer service and risk management, among other specific. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jack Fusco.

The fulfilment of this aim will allow addressing the third, which is the diffusion of the results among the community by means of a manual of good practices of horseback riding will be worked in conjunction with the network of Rural Tourism of the Institute for agricultural development. Lastly is considered a work of extension with the students of the school of Villa Cerro Castillo end of year, in the field of horseback riding in the reserve near the town. PRELIMINARY results next to the impact in places of high slope, include important sequels by the passage of animals by moist places and to the download and upload streams, and have also found other general effects as the widening of trails, the browsing of the trees when the horses are tied to these and the introduction of exotic seeds through the Duff that is in the path.