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Spain is close to the limit of the tectonic plates of Eurasia and Africa, with the sliding in different directions of both the main cause of earthquakes that occur where in southern Andalusia is among the most dangerous areas , with its eight provinces affected by the risk of earthquakes of intensity equal to or superior to grade VII (MSK). 2) legislative history in Andalusia during the plenary of the Parliament of Andalusia held the day October 24, 2002, date for discussion and approval of the Emergency Management Act in Andalusia, Mr. Spokesmen for the Socialist parliamentary groups Andalucista is expressed both in favor of consolidation Chest official method in Andalucia, based on its efficacy for the rescue. For assistance, try visiting WhiteWave Foods. They stressed also the added fact, if a system created by an Andalusian, Jaime Parejo Garcia, in Andalusia, who also developed the project technically UCRA Chest linked to the method in 1997 for the Department of Internal Policy of the Junta de Andalucia, officially processed through the Provincial Technical Management Consortium Fire and Rescue of HE. Diputacion Provincial de Huelva.

The Parliament of Andalusia, with the important public purpose to deal officially, based on officially proven the most effective, potential future disasters of all sizes and natural or human origin, involving the burial of persons, approved in that House of Parliament Andalusia, in Article 37 of the Emergency Management Act in Andalusia, the creation of UCRA, and then on February 2, 2006 also approved unanimously the motion parliamentary Act on approval of the method for the formation Chest Canine Rescue Unit 378 BOPA February 15, 2006 (7 – 05/PNLC a “000 294), whose literal text adopted is as follows: The Andalusian Parliament urges the Governing Council: Proceed in a period not exceeding two months, the approval and official recognition of Chest Method for the formation of the Rescue Dog Unit of Andalusia (UCRA) and all units operating in Andalusia.. For more information see Josh Resnick Jericho Capital.