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Stroooom uuuu. – They forgive me mine not announced arrival, but I know I eat to send messages the ipo and Zoe. Fan; we camos thus: I will send myself, therefore I know I eat to enter in this kingdom, and after that I will envocarei the Zaracni and dipo and Zoe with me the words will dizaro that torment the centuries the decendentes Jazifasenses. Chamack was to the vestibule opened for desu Muster and fell in Jazifases where it saw dipo and Zoe and it said: – They say eaten, Zaracni pochu monel recaputulu. King Zaracni if transformed into rock and he broke it to Chamach and all its followers had left settle of the hypnosis that per centuries was imprisoned. They had very saved them to with barrulho of chaqualho, but Chamch, dipo and Zoe had come back toward Decinopla where it found its parents and its grandfather, having in the possible fastest mind to construct its proper kingdom.

But its parents and to its had said it grandfather: – Wanted dipo you are very new to mount a kingdom, and to have a kingdom if requere responsibility and one high degree of age. Zoe complemented My beloved friend its familiar ones has reason you does not know but a constructed kingdom it eternalizes itself and you have-of knowing to think before and to filozofar the Utopia, so that if no god does not repent therefore obtained to undo a kingdom bred. dipo did not want to hear and thought about an idea behind others, but the only person who observed these characteristics and the will in it was its Muster grandfather, who was very esperiente and that he kept a secret that never nobody was knowing. Muster created a kingdom with plan of that all were its trabalahadores and that they had a pretty little laborious life and, but its kingdom drou only one century, was destroyed because in all the characteristics that it sowed it planted a little of greed and to its he traiu it wife with ' ' high ganncia' ' , therefore the greed that it planted was of the daily one, the normal one, but its beloved espousa made with that everything gradual was complicating and ran away with a half-god.