Thirty2 Degrees

Learn About Educational Options a new benchmark in the product presentation Dorverden whether in catalogues, magazines or magazines – everywhere you flock to us: images that should irritate our senses and create lasting impressions in the consciousness. Over the times for e-tailers, who recorded on the domestic kitchen table, tried to convince customers with scanned Polaroid image. Professional, elegant, transparent: A modern Internet shop today looks. By, Kay Zimmer, that was not enough the Managing Director but: he wanted to convince his customers with an even more intensive imaging with his Germany’s leading specialty store for women’s and men’s shoes in large sizes. The result: A 360-degree rotation for all products that can affect the customer even independently interactive. The buying process in an online store must be associated with fun and surprises. We retain our customers more intensively with our new presentation and give them Ability to independently turn the product around its own axis mouse control.

So the customer can convince himself in every detail of the optics of the shoe model”, explains room round the final completion of a single product rotation takes 30 minutes. To fully depict the extensive product range, the company SCHUHPLUS had to spend lots of time. The changeover took over five months by the simple imaging until going to the 360-degree view, because we had to get over 2000 models to rotate; almost around the clock was”our new Studio in use, describes Kay Zimmer. For the technical investment you can buy a small car, but the brilliant results show that the SCHUHPLUS GmbH introduces a ground-breaking step in the Internet product photography with their innovative product images.