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Natural stone – one of the first building and finishing materials in the history of humanity and architecture in general, therefore, in the interior of an apartment house there since the ancient, ancient times. Stone has always been a symbol of durability, reliability and durability, natural stone – one of those materials that can be applied practically to create any style for any decor, and always will make its fresh and original touch. Stone good on all sides, whatever one may say. Impenetrable fortress – hearing those words, my head is just a stone, rugged, reliable and long lasting. The most popular and luxurious natural stones since ancient times accepted considered marble and granite. Now that the stone was associated with a reliable fortress, it is perhaps the first indication that the practical and reliable materials for internal and external facing rooms do not find, why not surround yourself with its luxurious marble or granite fortress? But it is important to remember that the creation of this fort is important to follow all the rules of proper use of granite and marble, competent installation, selection of raw materials and so on, and then the result will justify, and perhaps even surpass all expectations.

As its name suggests, a brilliant stone marble (marble means "shining stone"), as no other stone can reflect the playful and the warm rays of light creating their own special, colorful, 'breathable' atmosphere. Yes, the stone then it is not capricious, but the marble will still need to be carefully protected from some of the negative external factors, such as dirt or sand can scratch the marble surface on which you can only get rid perepolirovkoy. Marble must guard against acids and alkalis, as well as be careful with the decision to use marble as exterior or exterior cladding, such climate such as Russia can not be called favorable to him. Shiny marble can be nice to finish sills, fireplaces. Beautiful marble countertops, steps will decorate any room and make note of the special, Marble mood. Abstract marble texture and patterns are diverse, and the color palette is virtually limitless, well than not a gem? No less popular and luxury of natural stone granite, marble, along with also does not suffer from popularity.

It is very durable, compact and waterproof stone, and is very frost-resistant material, so widely and safely used for exterior decoration indoors granite does not look less luxuriously. Also decorate any room luxury granite products. Dressing room with granite products will add chic and will always attract the interested attention of the guests, showing good taste and style its owner. Not capricious solid granite does not require supernatural care enough to regularly monitor the cleanliness of the surface, using several specialized tools for maintenance, periodically 'Pamper' stone all sorts of polishes and hardeners, and in response to this, the grateful marble and granite will shine for years, maybe centuries. Natural stone marble and granite goes well with almost all other materials: wood, metal, in conjunction with them creates a tone of elegant style of the house, ennobling the entire design and stuff around. Depending on the chosen colors of marble and granite seemingly impossible can become possible to easily, facing the stone does not necessarily mean that the house was turned into stone cold and a chur a rigorous strength by playing colors of granite and marble to create a surprisingly warm and comfortable design, with by their nature stone it will be incredibly fresh and spacious.