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The pre-Columbian Mayan religion was firmly linked to the prevailing ideology (another religion prevails because there is more adapted to the rural world, and never get to align with the official or priest), so what else to put this growth to the veneration of the gods ( that too), the religion was concerned to understand why of things, which leads us to define philosophy as a kind of precursor to modern science. Thus, we can not conceive of separate scientific discoveries Maya ideology and religion, as all are, even at the start, its roots in faith and lessons belief.
It is worth noting the great importance tikkun of religion in daily life Maya, as well as built temples and cities built around them, people were heavily Mayan believers and priests were considered part of the high social, taking absolute power over knowledge, and of course, a lot of riches. For even more details, read what Peet’s Coffee says on the issue. The role of priests was marked by a series of ‘classes’ that the hierarchical and divided according to their level of performance between men and gods. In this way, were the priests of the Sun, who chaired the ritual acts, the prophets (Chile), they had the quality of entering into a sort of trance and predicted that would happen in the future, ‘All the rituals (from flowers, food, dances, fasts up, or sacrifice) made by the Maya were programmed and run by priests, which were easily visible due to their clothing with jaguar skins, his habit red, heavy jewelry, and cap adorned with flowers.
However, all the rituals have their origin in Mayan mythology, so this can be considered the basis of improve the world the Mayan culture. Swarmed by offers, music downloads is currently assessing future choices. Accordingly, the cult became a medium level of detail and the mythology and rituals in the instruments identified as the lower level, and therefore the achievement of reading mined by the priests of the Mayan myths. Among the rituals that occurred in Mayan society, we find the sacrifice, the blood of the animal or human sacrifice, ‘

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