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Official data on MPG-CAP Performance should make clarification on the technology FFI MPG-CAPS , because there are uncertainties associated with other, less credible additives, but with similar advertising claims Firstly, most of the commercially available fuel additives and conditioning materials are conventional detergents that clean the fuel system but do not alter the characteristics of combustion fuel, or, more importantly, have no effect on the combustion chamber itself. It is in these areas and production technology works FFI, demonstrating the difference between our products and all the rest. Because most automobile engines burn fuel are more than 99%, then the claims made about improving combustion alone are largely meaningless. Thus the greatest loss of efficiency motor engine – the loss of heat, which drives a piston. Specialists in combustion believe that the recovery of heat – the most practical way to increase the mileage per unit of fuel consumption in the modern engine.

Our product is the conditioning of the combustion chamber that provides the conditions in the combustion chamber in which a process uses more heat generated by combustion. It works like this: When the fuel tank is added MPG-CAPS , delivers the fuel into the combustion chamber. Ingredients of this material is treated with the metal surface, forming a film that is technically called a thermal oxidation. Carboxylic metal creates an oxide residue on the hot surfaces during combustion. This process can be compared with scorching pans when cooking. In case of overheating leftovers form a layer on the pan, and it oxidized, and it remains the film even after cleaning with a scraper.