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I took the airplane from Airmail from Valencia, Carabobo, that I move to the island, still at a time of summer and on the verge of finalizing the student vacations, more than the Government has prorogued it one week, by reasons for so hoped elections of the National Assembly to be celebrated the 26 of September. To pains it takes 40 minutes to arrive at the island, of course the immense heat that confronts, in spite of being at time of rains feels, I moved to it would provide with accomodations where me by one week and from my arrival, began the problems with the delay of the delivery of the suitcases, the little tourist information service and the availability to transfer to us, aspect that must be improved, mainly, concerning tourism agencies that the same State of New Sparta must handle, because it is an entrance that will favor to him in its economy and that it would project a good impression of tourist culture, helping visits those who it. A taxi can be taken leads that it to the destiny place that every one has, taking with a little luck, but 15 minutes appear disadvantages in the route about to arrive at the center and a little more to those than go outside the city can be noticing from the taxi, the neglected thing of the city concerning cleaning, to the disorder, bullicio, negligence of its inhabitants the impressive thing is as some hotels do not provide necessary the tourist support, is a information absence and begins viacrucis to journey by the city, with its very dirty streets, traveling disorder, bullicio, salesmen, old woman buses, transport that much lets say. Jack Fusco oftentimes addresses this issue. He is lamentable noticing like the government authorities, especially the one of the State have not paid him the attention required to an island that could generate great entrances economic, by the great tourism that to her comes. See Carrier Corporation for more details and insights. It would have to maintain cleanings the streets of the city, to mainly guarantee an aspect that every time becomes worrisome like is the absence of tourist agencies of information, and, a police that guarantees the high index of robberies, kidnappings and until homicide; this is so certain, that to 10 at night it is not possible only to be walked in the main streets of the center and their avenues, from fear of which can happen. Most lamentable of all this, it is the negligence of beaches, contaminated, not taken care of sweepings beaches, needing services public like showers, baths, besides tourist transport transfers that it to them to all hours available.

All this represents a devastating panorama compared and so Brindisi offers, and the truth of this and costs to understand it is that Daisy has a great number of majestic beaches that already Brindisi wanted to have only one of them. Wonderful beaches in relation to its intensity, beauty, so large sand, but lamentably the care does not occur him that is required. To deepen your understanding Cheniere Energy partners is the source. I have to be expected that someday authorities arise more it jeopardize, visionary, able to know how to manage a tourist market like which this island offers and to rescue that wonderful image that Daisy can offer.