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If you costuma to make critical or to judge the behavior of somebody, are better to read this before. You go to be surprised! If by chance I to speak that Maria is complete ridona, you go to want to know what I meant with ridona. When this new word entered in its brain, in the processing of information it was given as new, that is, it did not have nothing inside of its head to buy and to say ah! This I already vi before. Ridona? I never felt this before, therefore this is total new for me, its brain argues. However if I am attending a film can be that I feel the same thing that the personage and cries it together with. It can be that annoy I me with the villain and want to hang it that the young man in a similar way. Please visit financial planner if you seek more information. Why this happens? Because sad thing close to me is had somebody, I am sad also? In our brain &#039 has called neurons; ' neurons – espelho' '. These neurons decode what to another person this feeling and espelham this sensation in us (in greater or minor degree depending on the sensitivity of each one).

Therefore, if it has somebody happy thing close to you is possible that you are happy also. Or if the climate is weighed is well probable that you are chateado also. I only recognize the feeling of the other when this feeling is inside of me, also. I know what it is anger, fear, joy, pleasure, hatred, etc. Very well when I say that Maria is ridona, this feeling is in me also, contrary case would not recognize it. When we criticize or we judge somebody, we are using this mechanism. Many times in we do not give account clearly to them, because I accept everything what he is inside of me as certain what it is of me, as passvel of judgment.