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Representatives of the International Olympic Committee was informed that the forthcoming meeting in Beijing will discuss the possible termination of the Olympic torch relay. At the 6-day torch relay in London were the first shares protest because of 'Tibet issue'. In demonstrations, denouncing the policies of the Chinese authorities in relation to Tibet, attended by more than 2,5 thousand people. The protesters tried to take the torch from tv presenter Connie Huck, and two more Activists want to extinguish the flames of the fire extinguisher. In the hands of protesters held Chinese authorities banned the Tibetan blue and red flags with the Rising Sun. Among the other calls – "Stop the killings in Tibet ',' Tibet is not the Olympics "," China lies, people die. " London Fire Summer Olympic Games in 2008 went to Paris.

Numerous protests supporters of Tibetan independence was nearly thwarted Paris stage Olympic torch relay, forcing organizers several times to interrupt the ceremony and cut its route. An hour after the start of the torch relay and was extinguished at all "technical reasons" and remained unlit 20 minutes. The way the Olympic flame guarded by about 3 thousand police officers. The Paris relay was the last step in the journey the Olympic torch through Europe, the torch went by plane to San Francisco. Before arrival of the Torch San Francisco supporters of independence for Tibet staged at the famous bridge, the Golden Gate.

Three people climbed on the rope bridge and hung posters on it and the flag of Tibet. Police had to partially shut movement of vehicles. Responsibility for the incident and the action in Paris and London took over the organization Students for a Free Tibet. " Olympics 2008 will begin in Beijing on August 8. Delivered in the Beijing fire on April 1 began its journey around the world. A total of 2008 Olympic torch relay to be overcome about 137 thousand kilometers. On the territory of China Olympic torch should return in early May, after which he will be the way to 113 cities of 31 provinces of China. A total complexity in the torch relay will involve over 21 thousand torchbearers.