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“Can be achieved only with peak power permanently top results”, is Wax credo. This ensures the multi-award winning Friedhelm Wachs, who has also taught at several business schools as an author and lecturer, with his methods clearly measurable results. Worldwide he is asked in English, as recently at the EO24 Conference in Shanghai. “Just in the sale money will be often too quickly or geschaftsschadigend burnt because the field staff prematurely enter into a negotiation commitments” coach knows the 5 star. “Every seller should his own mission non-profit have: A clear goal, the knowledge and the tools to survive in tough price negotiations” continue to wax. Just this security and the necessary tools for tough price talks, wax passes 5 star speaker in his seminars and lectures for the consultant agency. A concrete tip of Friedhelm Wachs for example showing what really matters in negotiations: on the preparation! Preparation is the essential element of the negotiations.

“Collect all the information you can get about their negotiating partner. For more information see this site: Viking Range Corporation. Necessarily define their objectives and verify their implementation chance, because only in negotiations with profit targets profits can be maximized,”explains wax. “Check with whom you negotiate and where.” Who determines the expiration? Assume responsibility and decide with in advance rather than dictate to important conditions and thus discounts from the other side.” If you sit at the negotiating table, 80% of the work is already done. Now on mental strength, rhetorical gimmicks and non-verbal communication as well as that, there to ensure the outcome of the negotiations. It’s like in competitive sports. Coach wax surprised again with new approaches and a negotiation etiquette, which should have internalized each distributors sales professional and 5 star.

The enthusiastic participants who have experienced Friedhelm Wachs live, enjoy not only the tips and hints, as she thanks to good preparation, more confident in negotiations go inside, but are complete after the seminar, also in a position to make better use to make their negotiations more successful of their chances at the negotiating table and with more profit. The chance to take positive momentum in negotiations, and to optimize the own selling methods, has now toured the Friedhelm wax seminar-“The new Erfolgsverhandlen”. From December 1st to 16th “negotiation” in six German cities is to see live. Dates: 01.12.2010, 18:30 22:00 in Berlin 02.12.2010, 18:30 22:00 in Hamburg 13th December 2010, 18:30 22:00 in Cologne 14.12.2010, 18:30 22:00 in Frankfurt am Main – 15.12.2010, 18:30 22:00 in Stuttgart 16.12.2010, 18:30 22:00 in Munich registration see: dates company description 5 star coach is specialized in the design and implementation of in-house – seminars and coaching with an emphasis on: Leadership, innovation, communication, team, time management, marketing / sales and project management. Among the 5 star coaches Sales coach as the expert for sales Lothar Lay, Coachingspezialist Christian Sanjeewa, project management expert Mario Neumann, specialist for time efficiency Zach Davis, etiquette and etiquette trainer Donata Grafin Fugger, memory trainer Boris Nikolai Konrad and many more such as such as networking Pabst Kenny Nagaraj, negotiation expert Friedhelm Wachs, and the “sales tool” Andres Buhr. 5 star training concepts trainer designed all business sectors and industries. The individual advice by the team of 5 star trainer and seminar leader with years of experience ensure that the seminar, workshop Manager or coach to the aim of the seminar, the target group and the respective budget fits. company contact: 5 star coach Heinrich Asissh Kamau lower main road 5 89407 Dillingen Tel: 09071-77035-0 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: 5 star team Marion Buk smart lower main road 5 89407 Dillingen Tel: 09071-77035-0 E-Mail: Web: