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On the part of the children, the separation of the parents never it goes to mean something good, despite they have maturity enough to understand that one is the best decision to be taken. This because the separation would be seen by them as a species of treason to the idea of that forever the parents would remain together (FIORELLI; MANGINI, 2009; BRITO, 2002). What if it can make is to try to minimize the damages and to become the experience of the separation of the parents less harmful possible. This minimizao of the damages is of responsibility of the parental pair and is intrinsically on the form as they will go to communicate after separation, being respected or not one to the other, the image and the affection that the children have in relation the other genitor and, finally, respecting right the necessity of the contact of the children with genitor not guard. 2.4.1 Parental Difficulties and optimum Interest of the children Frequent the conjugal relations insults symbolize the existence of a collusion, that is when the partner discovers that the other does not correspond to the expectations, fancies and yearnings that had been deposited it long ago by this partner, generating conflicts, frustaes and suffering for both (FIORELLI; MANGINI, 2009). In such a way, it is common 20 that the spouses take for the marriage questions that could not have been taken care of in its families of origin (SAINTS; FONCECA, 2003). The tension between the couple increases, intensifying the relationary consumings in such a way, that the only alternative that remains to them is the separation. However, many times the conflict persists. The conflict is inherent to the relations and the institutions, as the family, the existence of it to per itself does not represent something bad, what she can generate this quality is the incapacity to deal with it of assertive form.