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The phase consists many times, in a period of challenge and difficulties, as much for the young crosses that it as for its parents. Conger (1980) evidences this note, emphasizing the changes that are occurring with the son, its parents and the relationship of both: ' ' The parents, to its way, also can be facing one ' ' crisis of identidade' '. The parents of the average adolescent are entering in the middle-age. At the moment where its children if approach to the maximum physical and sexual vigor, the parents are front the front with the fact of already having exceeded its proper maximum of physical esplendor and that the remaining portion of the way means the descending of the mountain, even so soft at the beginning. In a society so blinded by youth as ours? so disdainful of the oldness? the perspective can to the times be dolorosa' ' (CONGER, 1980, p.38). acceptance of the adolescent in the group, and its close relations with these, are of basic importance in the life of the young. ' ' The paper of the group of friends is particularly important to assist the individual to define its proper identity: in none another stage of the development the identity direction is so fludo' '.

(CONGER, 1980, p.66). The importance of the group is so great that many young can be satisfied itself with the standards, behaviors, crazes and modismos of this. When the adolescent finds ' ' group of amigos' ' , the relation is deeper, having bigger sincerity between the members, allowing confidences and affinity, what it finishes being well bigger with these pairs of what with its proper parents. Lacerda (1998, P. 48): ' ' They undress the masks, they use of the biggest franqueza, they open the heart for the free expression of the anxiety or the anger, the apaixonamento or the frustration.