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The artisan tradition of the firm and tastes and changing needs of current women form a wonderful cocktail that leads us to a collection of plug-ins of smooth lines and stylized, romantic and delicate spirit and materials and innovative and feminine textures. Shoes and handbags from Ralph Lauren party, within the proposals for the spring 2012 presented on the Ralph Lauren runway, in addition to its beautiful designs in cocktail dresses and long for party dresses, has included some beautiful designs in shoes and party bags to complement the beautiful outfits that has been proposed for the nearby 2012 events, and that clear present in these images. They are party shoes and bags of party in silver grey. In high heel shoes come in handy for the costumes in white that Ralph Lauren has presented, and clearly already know that platforms are trend this 2012 and now they can go leveraging to look, just as there is also a lovely bag in white. Let’s see.

Winter Festival autumn shoes collection 2011 2012 Menbur consists of 4 lines of models, each of them with a wide range of colours:-Boudoir: the most romantic of all the lines for the delicate spirit of their materials. The chantilly lace or guipure plumetti tulle appear combined with Rhinestones applications, grounds in Rhinestones, sequins or embroidered flowers. And for most special nights include designs with bright glitter, like Blum, one of my favorite model. -Luxe: Shoes jewel with rich ornamentation in precious stones, waterfalls of paillettes, maxi ornaments in Diamante and above all made in rich and worked materials as Brocade velvet. Difficult choice between as impressive as Mussey model or the Fairbanks model designs. I’ll stick with the two! -Brillance: Made of bright and dynamic fabrics which provide lightness, subtlety and femininity. Where the glitter is also used to give a unique touch of sophistication to the shoes.

-Minimal: Designs that by his own essence based its beauty in the simplicity of lines and sparse use of ornaments. Perfect models to apply the famous phrase of less is more. Fiesta 2012 shoes Diego Dolcini, these are some of the creations of Diego Dolcini fitting elegant women who like more attractive and original of course shoes because these shoes have such qualities as well as being naturally of the highest quality. And in colors that come Super for a party, black, red, or deep blue, will all find something to like in this beautiful collection of high heel shoes and much trend. The ornaments with which Diego Dolcini Crown these beautiful shoes Festival 2012, make them different from those who have seen until now, and there are so many possibilities with these shoes that should not take them into account when thinking about combining them with an outfit for a special occasion.