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We reiterate that the postal zoning in 1975, which resulted in almost two thousand postal circuits outside the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires allow minigrids redefined as urban settlements lot of potential for development of the communities covered by each of them. In each circuit postal interaction of people falling under the institutions of public good first grade in primary and secondary schools and municipalities, is implementing networks that are capable and able to generate quality of life for those already living there, and for those who would migrate there from the Area at risk (For purposes but we do not complexify extend these considerations to other metropolitan areas, but finer and transdisciplinary analysis should not circumvent). It is not easy for many reasons to induce migration. Those that occur are not exactly spontaneous and magnitude to the settlements here are suggested. Anyway there is an emerging trend of people who saturated the deteriorating quality of life of the area questioned, has begun to migrate. According to our findings, the only type of people who have less difficulty would migrate retirees, pensioners and public employees. Contact information is here: Josh Resnick Jericho Capital.

Because they already have secured retirement, pensions or wages, and social services. If any of you reading this development, known any of the above is signed by us, perceive that we are saying more or less the same thing we have been saying for a long time ago. The novelty is given that what once seemed like a distant possibility, it has become a close chance.