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No harm will be different items to decorate the yard: garden sculptures in the form of cheerful gnomes that will not just a nice decoration, but a guardian, small fountains, a variety of ornamental plants. But what can I say: a large house there, where to turn! You can even "gift" to friends of the landscape design services What we got carried away. So, you know that the mistress is fond of needlework? Give her a good book in which she will find many new ideas and be able to use them to decorate the family nest. If your girlfriend loves to cuddle guests and household culinary delights, buy a gift collection of new recipes or a diverse set of molds for baking: you will have the opportunity to once again asked for a tip, ostensibly "for tasting cakes baked in tins donated by you ":) As for the father of the family and a host of new apartment, pick up for him a good set of tools: for surely he would have to assemble a new cabinet or to hang a shelf, and thanks Screwing it will cope with this faster. And make no mistake: when entering into a new apartment will be held at least a year before on the donated tools you will forget at least for a month.

After all, the new location has not yet adapted itself to new owners, but oh how they want to make it cozy. Most men do not represent life without beer. Happy owner of a new apartment too ardent admirer of this drink? Then surprise him a novelty in the world of kitchen appliances – personalized beer machine! See, such a gift is certainly not remain without attention and will not gather dust in the far corner of the back room. Desired in the house thing will be the original pad under the door. Let it be, for example, in the form of cat or bear, and you can be sure that your Promotional owners love it. You can also opt for a small set of towels for guests. Or a beautiful china sets: because we all know that in glassware the house is never too much. Although, if the owners had recently celebrated his wedding, beware: and utensils, and linens they could with a vengeance.

Then your gift will be entirely inappropriate. If you believe in omens, in every home should have "Boss" who guards the home from all the bad. So you can give a straw souvenir in the form of small . It will provide peace and tranquility this home. And finally I would say that buying and arrangement of housing – a colossal work, which requires enormous material and moral costs. Therefore, crossing the threshold of the apartment of his newfound friends, do not be stingy with compliments. Praise for money repair, admire the interior decoration, new stove in the kitchen, not yet glazed balcony and a lazy cat. There are no critical views, but a sincere admiration! Make it a gift: for newcomers is very important.