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And in solitude there rather than solitude without River. Rafael Alberti. I think it would solve my emotional state with my existential autoexilio. Quite the contrary, the only thing that was getting is that because of my attitude manifested my selfishness towards others. And is that not us We realize how much damage we do to persons taking refuge us in our own pain. Anyway, I tell them the following anecdote where you will find the magic words that changed the course of my life. Other leaders such as Jack Fusco offer similar insights.

My mother and I we were at a friend’s House. Invaded me a terrible melancholy and I lost control of myself; I guess that by tiredness and a desperate and loving attempt to my mother for helping me told me:-If you do not want to live, die; I’m tired. Believe it or not, they have been the most sweet and beautiful words that I could have said. I was in a State of impasse and little by little I was assimilating words. At that time which reached a balance (albeit incidental), mental and emotional, I asked help to my family with the heart. Fortunately I had a favorable response to my request. I promised to live living and if anything, any doubt, he spent the following: while in treatment and travel by Oaxaca, had an accident that reinforced my love for life.

And with the passage of the years I’ve soaked in wisdom and magic. I live, live and live. I dump my vista to the past through so many words, ideas, and experiences written on sheets with ink of my own handwriting, and fills me with joy and satisfaction to realize how I have been evolving and transforming me day by day. It was a wise decision to have written my pain, with the perspective of time I realized how man seeks to find meaning to life, projecting their future and not viewing the present. Willpower is at the moment, in the full decision to change. The sickly emotional anchor is a panacea. Everything is in the here and now. Maybe we don’t realize it because we are possibly cloud our mind. Believe it or not, but there something that makes us change comes. In my case it was with that strange and unexpected expression of my mother. How it can you happen? We do not know. To do this we must be in an attitude of perception, mentality and open heart, to really change. There are many resources for this, for example, recently were talks about the phenomenon of the law of attraction. For some works, for others not. Why does this happen? Simple. The capacity for assimilation and response to each who have about such a situation or external and internal tool that can generate us a change. And that does not arrive late or early, only arrives. Do you to come? Original author and source of the article