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Russia is currently experiencing a construction boom. In big cities like mushrooms, grow housing complexes, business centers and shops. Boom cranes, staring into the sky, many directly associated with the development and improved quality of life. Construction is difficult to imagine without the use of special equipment. Since the implementation of any project, construction companies and firms are facing a choice: create (use) their own fleet of equipment or take it out.

Taking techniques, even in long-term leases are often much cheaper than buying your own. Construction Companies with a fleet of vehicles machinery are turning to service the lease, when the major projects do not have enough production capacity. Rental of construction equipment is advantageous in cases where the work is carried out away from the location of the company: no need to create additional motor transport service or repair zone. Private individuals involved in building their own homes or other structures, is unprofitable and did not make sense to buy special equipment. Timely Rental of construction technology eliminates more of a variety of problems. Since the end of the lease term does not need to worry about maintenance, storage and simple technology, as well as search options for its further exploitation. Especially now demanded by the mobile, autonomous and versatile construction equipment: wheel excavators, bulldozers and wheel loaders. Increased demand for trucks (10-20 tons) with a powerful hydraulic crane (5 tons), as well as cranes, cement trucks, concrete pumps and trucks. In recent years, more and more popular it becomes rent machinery that led to the rapid development of the domestic construction market technology. And it is not surprising, because rent special equipment really helps save money.