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The ancient building, which has never been open to the public, is the most popular monument of Saqara, the great necropolis of what was the city of Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt. Responsible for the restoration project, the archaeologist Samir Abdel Rauf, warned in statements to the Egyptian press that the suspension of work can result in loosening of the roofing of the pyramid blocks. He said that those stones were fixed on a temporary basis with the use of air pillows (brackets), and that requires a follow-up that there is a sudden drop, since the State of the pyramid before the start of the restoration was lousy. He also recalled the team of experts responsible for the rehabilitation of the Tomb worked under very harsh and dangerous, circumstances because they ran a serious risk of a block fell on them. For its part, the architectural plan and teacher supervisor of the University of Cairo, Hasan Fahmi, considered that the rescue of the step pyramid is a national project, by revenue from tourist visits to the place left in the Treasury.

The deterioration of the monument was due to climatic ctos, of environment and groundwater, as well as other human activities also have damaged it. Explosions in military camps and near Saqara quarries also contributed to mudslides in the pyramid, like previous restorations made without accurate studies, said Fahmi. The j of Egyptian antiquities, who replaced only a few weeks ago the controversial Zahi Hawass leading this key Department, concluded that the preservation of the archaeological monuments is the main priority of your institution. We will work vigorously to have the financial resources, despite the economic circumstances that we are going through. We do not want that the world and history judge us someday as negligent in the restoration of this ancient pyramid, said Abdel Maqsud. Source of the news: the lack of tourists is endangering the pyramid of Djoser, the oldest