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Don Florentino, meets his second tenure as leader of the Cristiano, although during the first she had to leave by the backdoor and ahead of time, although it is true that it was by choice, so, as we think that you it’s an intelligent person like his Director-General, in this new stage, we imagine that you have learned enough to know how to be at the height of the circumstances and meet the complicated needs of your charge. Returning to Don Jorge, and his lack of harmony with Don Jose (Mourinho), who seems to want to take a pulse, although by now he has lost it and had to retreat to the rear, do not know if quietly and submissively, or plan the enemy at home (as a sinister threat in the shadow for the holder of the bench at the Santiago Bernabeu)a too big rival has sought, and while the Argentine is not, nor much less, one mosquita dead, must be recognized, that the Portuguese is a real heavyweight, possessor of a strong personality, and able to get most of the time, everything that is proposed. The technical Lusitanian, irrespective of the brilliant history treasures, its enormous ability as a coach, of the titles that can achieve this season and now regarded as the best football coach in the world (award given recently by the supreme body of football at international level, FIFA), enjoys the favor of Real Madrid in their vast majority crowd and if everything said above wasn’t enough, has meanwhile almost the entire workforce of the whole white (there will always be some discontent, but 100% is impossible, especially by the least regulars in the alignments), ratified this aspect also, by various media, which has been published than the players of Real Madrid, worship his coach. More can ask? In conclusion, tell Don Jorge, that reiterating the respect his intellectual capacity us, should in our humble opinion, firstly measure either the distances to see who sticks, football speaking, and secondly, remind, that although it was as a footballer world champion, and Mourinho, not even reached professional as a player, that is no reason to belittle level coach, as mentioned on occasion in any of its articles, since if the Portuguese was not football, and has come to be the best coach in the world, if it had come to play in first Division, these hours we would be speaking, probably the best coach in the history of football. Danone recognizes the significance of this. Original author and source of the article