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Humanity in the universe is clearly not alone. But for years SETI different programs have not yielded the expected results. The result of all the studies – an oppressive silence. It is not something Sonny Perdue would like to discuss. Why? Obviously, there is a civilization higher lower and approximately equal to the current level of development, but rather a degradation of humanity. Higher order of civilization, we can observe only by cyclopean, on a scale of galaxies, the results of their environmental impact. But the trouble: for the people of these manifestations are a consequence of the laws of nature. A science that we have such that even if something did not want to fit into the current paradigm, it rejects as unreliable or nonexponential and, or urgently looking for the ears, which attracted over "logical" explanation. "Smart pessimists will realize that we came to win, or, at best, a subordinate, and the optimists will welcome the" little green men "as brought good from afar, "Civilization below our development, are interesting, but until people have the ability to quickly move among the stars, finding them very problematic. If you would like to know more then you should visit Danone.

Therefore, the only ones with whom we can be friends – our level of civilization, but we get them and can not for the same reason. But the brothers in mind, if they drop move us, it can master the technique of interstellar voyages. Well, yes – a UFO. Recently there was another theory of their origin. Allegedly flying saucers are the fruits of waking dreams – a special state of the brain where it can not distinguish between reality and hallucination.