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Interviews had been carried through and to the few subjects as the question of the formation of the Muselogo, the market of work and also the day the day of these professionals in determined institution (when the interviews occurred in one). By general form, it took knowledge of evolution of the profession in last the 70 years and verified that it also had enormous evolution in the concept of Museum (physical space and idea) and of its social paper, fomenting the change also in the scope of the university. In ' ' Professional formation and the Social Functions of the Museu' ' &#039 has debated the call; ' new Museologia' ' that it comes in opposing direction to everything what is imagined for ' ' museum tradicional' '. With it appears the vision of Field strong, place of ideas that distanciam the museum of the built walls surrounded that it until then. In another front it means to argue the social paper of the museum? what it also occurred in diverse countries and in Brazil.

The overcoming of the idea of that the museum represents the elitist thought, leading it the relations with a democratic society, in opposition what it occurs with the traditional museums. Toward Huges de Varine the study of the Museums &#039 must be turned; ' for the man and what he is vivo' ' (1985) and also it describes the profession of the muselogo as in &#039 searchs of one; ' belonging, of a project comum' '. In contraposition the too much international entities, that it desires disciplines to create it scientific, it desire to expand the museolgico behavior for the experiences and search, provoking the individual and collective reflection on this change. In this new source, the objects lose ' ' valores' ' before representative of the social fact and the idea of &#039 emerges; ' Museal&#039 fact; ' (the activities of the museum professionals do not restrict only to the buildings and yes in the communities and its individual representations of existence.