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Repassing the citizens of these nations, the confidence that as much we feel lack. Here we lose pleasure and we disarrange our projects. Had to these factors, DMatta says that it is therefore, that we obtain to discover and to perfect ways, a skill, a style of social navigation, therefore always passes in the space between lineses of ' ' it cannot! ' '. Also it is for the fact of terms a divided legal system, that nor always condiz with our reality. In the sixth paragraph, the same it starts to appraise ' ' jeito' ' , being a way and a style to carry through the things, likeable, despaired or a human one to relate the impersonal one with the staff, Pacific; legitimate until deciding such problems entirely, provoking this causstica junction of the law, with the person is using who it. To exemplificar this process, the author cites three acts, that consist of the relation of the humble person, with superiority of the public server and this, with ' ' he knows with that he is speaking? ' '.

In the first act, it he speaks of the hierarquizao of the social status, where the person ignored for its appearance, is not taken care of with respect for the public officer. In as, an impasse is created, because the attendant complicates the things and starts to speak of the legal penalties that the user can suffer. After this, the author explains the position of the server and the social value of the solicitant. Giving continuity, in the third act, it speaks of the question of ' ' pode' ' of ' ' not pode' ' said for the employee. In one soon comparison of igualitrios countries and Brazil, DMatta perceived the great difference that has to decide the things, since, in ours in case that, always we find one ' ' jeito' '.