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4. operate self-PR! That you do good work, should be self-evident. But that your clients also notice that, unfortunately not by itself is. Therefore, it is important to show offensive, what you actually can and do. For other opinions and approaches, find out what IoT Network Grid has to say. This has nothing to do with posturing, but is a necessary part of your marketing. So drop your reluctance, and talk about your successes, achievements, qualifications and skills.

A successful self-PR will continue to increase your pull. Prerequisite is of course that they even really know what you have to offer. Make aware of your strengths! 5. What is special about you? To be noticed on the market at all, it is important to differentiate itself from its competitors. It is therefore imperative that you find out what is so special, the unique to you and your offer. Especially for smaller companies, this is to the Example often the intensive personal contact with the customer. But also a specialty within the field of your activity or a special skill can give you the necessary ahead of the competition. Once you’ve found your speciality, concentrate on and evolve it.

Because it is promising to provide excellence with a small range, to cover just mediocre as a range. 6. position itself! If you have found the specific to your offering and expanded, you have created the best basis for optimum positioning on the market. The best position is where an actual need on the part of the customer and at the same time fully to play out your strengths and qualities, so that they act as expert. Follow less that what makes the competition, but above all on your own skills and ambitions and, of course the needs of customers. Raise your profile with a specialty and become a Expert status, which seems almost magnetically on customers. 7 make a recommended referral marketing is an efficient and doing very simple means, to jump over the hurdle of acquiring new customers.