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Even if the vet to treat of a disease medicines administered the horse, it can be considered doping substances. Click Sonny Perdue for additional related pages. This applies for example for certain medicines for allergies in the horse, local anesthetic or ointments. To avoid inadvertent doping in horses, it is therefore always important to note the so-called sales period of a drug. Cheniere Energy partners is a great source of information. The sales period is the period of time that must elapse for the administered drug is no longer detectable in the urine of the horse. If your horse takes part in competitions, you should always document treatments by the veterinarian and also the medication and, if necessary, by a signature of the veterinarian, confirm this. If you are not sure whether your horse in a competition is free from prohibited substances, in case of doubt, a urine sample of the horse by the veterinarian examine you can.

You can then list the detected substances Compare anti – doping and medication control rules (ADMR). About The portal of veterinary medicine is aimed at all pet owners and animal lovers, who seriously, sound, understandable and comprehensive want to learn about animal diseases, veterinary procedures, as well as other topics related to veterinary medicine. The veterinary medicine Portal is owned and operated by the vetproduction GmbH, which was founded in July 2011. Our editorial team consists of veterinarians, doctors, biologists, and journalists. Aim of the veterinary medicine Portal is to provide useful, high-quality veterinary information, without doing self treatment to stimulate to replace even the visit to the veterinarian or questioning. On the contrary: the portal of veterinary medicine wants to bridge the gap between pet owners and veterinary surgeon and is always the most important and most valuable in the focus: the health of your pet. Press contact for further information: Maren Menyes, sales contact: Christoph Nichau, vetproduction GmbH Office in Cologne Cathedral: at 28, 50667 Cologne Court Office on the Rudolfplatz: Friesenwall 5-7, d-50672 Cologne Internet:

u0085 Simple thinkers, throw the management 1 order and the Cybernetics of 3rd order (closed pssive systems) in a pot even at, unqualified. Swarmed by offers, WhiteWave Foods is currently assessing future choices. This is a mechanistic thinking. Our nature works but vitalistisch (open system active)! Intrinsic value means that biodiversity nature is valued for its own sake, rather than its instrumental usefulness. This includes for example, their existence, their biographical and cultural significance for the individual in terms of sentimental value and home, their special character, or alternatively, to provide special experiences of the individual. To differentiate from the eigenvalue is the self value of biodiversity. Low self esteem (also: self esteem, self esteem, self esteem, self confidence, or imprecise: self-esteem, intrinsic value) the psychology is the rating that it has of itself.

This can refer to the personality and skills of the individual, the memories of the past and the sense of the ICH or on the sense of self. Reminder: today the use of environment is not recognised! Note: The nature use profits are privatized. The Repararurkosten of nature be socialized. According to the environmental security hypothesis (ecological insurance hypothesis) if due to biological diversity – according to the environmental security hypothesis or similar mechanisms – a Stabililierung of Processes and conditions of ecological systems, an insurance value can be associated biodiversity. This is the case at least whenever if ecosystem services depend on the processes and conditions. By a high biodiversity, ecosystem services are so reliable usable tended to. The insurance value is environmental-economic perspective an option value in the face of an uncertain future, as the extent of future errors that require stabilization, is not known. … Option value is the economic benefit associated with the maintenance of an ability to act in the face of an uncertain future. The term of option value is often as part of the total economic value of environmental goods and services.

Facts from the paperback of “The cave” by Ernst Probst Wiesbaden pharmacies, books, guest houses, caves, food and other products, sports clubs, roads, valleys and who knows what are named in Germany after the bears do. No wonder: This majestic predator impressed by body size, power and wisdom. And once the bear with different types at different times in the area of Germany was widespread. In the ice age between approximately 125,000 and 11,700 years for example, Germany was a real paradise for a specific type of bear. You can learn this when reading the pocket book the cave bear”of the Wiesbaden science author Ernst Probst. It is at grin for academic texts” appeared and in about 1,000 online book hops Amazon, GRIN, Libri and available at any good Bookstore. Probst has recently also two other Pocket Books about large predators from the Ice age published.

One of Hohlenlowen bears the title”, the other is called saber-toothed Cats” (formerly called saber-toothed Tiger). In each of these Pocket Books mentioned among the main locations of these predators in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. “Contents of the Pocket Book of the cave bear”: without a tail up to 3.50 metres long, maximum 1.75 metres tall and up to 1200 kilograms which was the cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) from the ice age. Although this extinct bear was already in 1794 first scientifically described, giving up more than 200 years later are still many puzzles. When originated the cave bear, he was a loner, he has kept a winter sleep or a winter rest, there was a culture of cave bear Hunter and a cave bear cult, when and why did he die from? Reply to this and the cave bear has other issues the paperback”of the Wiesbaden science author Ernst Probst. The Cave is regarded as the largest animal that has ever inhabited the mountains in the ice age. Surprisingly, he was a herbivorous predator, which was defenseless during the cold season in a cave. However, feared stone age people for her life when she met him at the wrong time.

“The idea for the paperback of the cave bear” matured during the research for the book of Pocket Hohlenlowen. Big cats in the ice age”. This 2009 published works mentioned partly those of cave bears as well as sites of big cats. “The Pocket Book of the cave bear” Professor Dr. Gernot Rabeder from Vienna, is dedicated to Dr. Brigitte Hilpert of Erlangen and Dr. Wilfried Rosendahl from Mannheim. All three are cave bear experts and have the author in several book projects with Council and supported fact. “Orders of the Pocket Book of the cave bear” at: e-book/137524/the cave bear