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Official data on MPG-CAP Performance should make clarification on the technology FFI MPG-CAPS , because there are uncertainties associated with other, less credible additives, but with similar advertising claims Firstly, most of the commercially available fuel additives and conditioning materials are conventional detergents that clean the fuel system but do not alter the characteristics of combustion fuel, or, more importantly, have no effect on the combustion chamber itself. It is in these areas and production technology works FFI, demonstrating the difference between our products and all the rest. Because most automobile engines burn fuel are more than 99%, then the claims made about improving combustion alone are largely meaningless. Thus the greatest loss of efficiency motor engine – the loss of heat, which drives a piston. Specialists in combustion believe that the recovery of heat – the most practical way to increase the mileage per unit of fuel consumption in the modern engine.

Our product is the conditioning of the combustion chamber that provides the conditions in the combustion chamber in which a process uses more heat generated by combustion. It works like this: When the fuel tank is added MPG-CAPS , delivers the fuel into the combustion chamber. Ingredients of this material is treated with the metal surface, forming a film that is technically called a thermal oxidation. Carboxylic metal creates an oxide residue on the hot surfaces during combustion. This process can be compared with scorching pans when cooking. In case of overheating leftovers form a layer on the pan, and it oxidized, and it remains the film even after cleaning with a scraper.

The most popular discs for vehicles today are light-alloy wheels of metals. They are divided into two types – a light alloy wheels and forged. Alloy wheels are usually made of magnesium alloys and aluminum. Forged in Essentially, all made from the same materials, but a very different way. Forged wheels are produced by hot pressing, and then go through the process of artificial aging and hardening.

Worldwide, it is considered that Forged wheels – an advantage wealthy car owners. And this is true, but in Russia there are several companies who have inherited the expensive equipment from the Soviet era, and yet they can afford production of relatively cheap forged wheels, which differ in price from western counterparts in several times. Because of technology, these discs is a little lighter than the cast, but they are much stronger, less brittle and quite suitable for repair. In the bumps, these discs do not break or crack and warp. But it is precisely this strength and is a minus forged wheels. For example, hitting the hole, the drive will not blow over, and pass it suspension, is clearly not designed for such loads. Designs and different shapes that appear when you select cast wheels, forged wheels have not found. This is due to the fact that the manufacture of molds for them are extremely expensive.

In general, the forged wheels is the best option, which combines the advantages of steel and alloy wheels. But just such an important consumer characteristics such as price, makes for many, this drive is extremely expensive pleasure, because it exceeds the price of light alloy wheels in a few times. Also, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish yourself from forging casting. There are only a few indirect signs. Of course, the most common way of marking a difference. Private labeling for Forged Wheels – impressed, while alloy wheels – convex (spilled). ts on the topic. Typically, this method is one of the most reliable, because labeling is associated with a feature of production, but if the disks are made to order or tuning shop, these symptoms can vary. Forged wheels are indicated by the manufacturer FORGED, and cast CAST. But these signs are rarely applied to the disk itself, and in cases of production CD in China, or Turkey may be instances of just such application on the disc surface. Another sign of the difference between a disk shape and weight, the drive will be harder to cast wrought, but only if the quality of foreign goods, Russian drives for virtually the same weight. The form is in forged wheels, due to their special handling and a smooth point. Well, another sign of the difference is – the price. A good quality forged disc foreign production, the cast is much more expensive. In any case, the choice of wrought or cast disc for the car, purely personal decision. After all, the real characteristics of the disc depend on the precision technology and quality of the alloy. From the point of security is much better to buy a proven quality alloy wheels, forged than unknown quality.

Internationally recognized expert in the development and production of industrial tires, Nokian Heavy Tyres, has launched the strongest of all the existing tire technology employed in the CTL logging. Nokian Forest King diagonal tire harvester and Forwarder. It is designed for use in the forest, in difficult off road conditions. Index of the strength of the frame Forest King F is 24, while other models forestry tires this figure does not exceed 16-20. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sonny Perdue. A new modification of the Forest King 24 PR holds up to 8000 pounds, which is more than one ton more than the previous versions Forest King F 20 PR, whose capacity is 6900 kg. This improvement means that the Now each unit of equipment can prepare for the season even more wood.

Each year the requirements for manufacturers industrial tires are becoming more stringent. Along with environmental benefits – low rolling resistance and careful attitude to the soil, are valued at carrying capacity, towing performance, durability and resistance to wear. New Nokian Forest King F meets all these requirements. This is one of the most popular tires forestry equipment. She has a good speed, excellent maneuverability on rough terrain careful attitude to the soil.

She has run a tremendous resource and an unprecedented margin of safety. Wide tread and hence, the increased contact patch with the ground, helps reduce surface pressure and reduce the impact on soil and forest vegetation. Straightened sidewalls design reduces the risk of injury.

A wide range of applications and high performance of different coatings have been repeatedly confirmed both in vitro and in practical use of coatings. Some of the tasks of coating, which can be solved with the help of equipment DIMET , is unique. The solution of such problems in other ways and using other equipment is practically impossible. Craig Jelinek may not feel the same. Apparatus DIMET , are highly effective for the restoration of defective areas a variety of parts and products. To a large extent this is because of the low heat input elimination of the defect does not lead to deformation of the product, the appearance of internal stresses, the structural transformations of metal products. In this design of the equipment provides a localized effect to the workpiece does not affect defect-free areas. However, this technology is appropriate only in cases where no high demands on hardness and wear resistance of the coating.

According to the approved plan for the homologation of the products quarterly event held to bring the technical conditions of production to the requirements of Russian and international certificates. Based on the above, it can be concluded that all products QUATTRO FRENI is original. Features of technology of manufacturing of brake pads QF – Friction lining is made of 2-stage technology: the manufacture of unique GRANULES with unique elastic properties. Their presence provides comfort braking eliminates squeaks and noise when braking. PRODUCING MIXTURES progressive manner in the German-type mixer pluzhkovogo company LEDIGE (Germany). In the manufacture of mixture to the friction material used fiber, coal-bearing and lubricating materials imported from Italy (not produced in Russia), providing the physical and mechanical properties of the blocks at the top foreign producers.

The structure consists of a mixture of environmentally friendly ingredients (not containing asbestos, lead and other harmful substances). Pads are manufactured using a two-layer friction composition: Is the first layer – the working surface in contact with the brake disc, the second layer – using new technologies to increase the stability of the connection pads to the skeleton, and the depreciation of the substrate, softening touch pad with the disc and prevents the brake fluid boiling in the caliper during intense braking. Surface preparation is conducted metal frames for steel shot drobometnoy machine that ensures a solid connection between the frame with the friction pad 2 times greater than the requirements of international standards. Curing of brake pads are in a furnace company EURORIGAN (Italy). Compliance with the production technology of this operation can produce high quality products. Tolerance of temperature fluctuations in the chamber + / – 5 degrees, which guarantees the stability properties of the brake pads.

Mechanical processing is done on semi-automatic line of the company ALTEICH (Canada), a diamond tool, which guarantees high accuracy. On the frame pads applied shumopoglaschayuschee cover – small porous filler, contributing to reduce and absorb noise. For fast burnishing the surface of the pad to the brake disc and pads make sliding properties of the given (first brake) pads are operation of thermal shock working surface. Brake pads QF have a high (0.39 … 0.43) and stable friction coefficient depending on the rate of inhibition (40 … 160 km / h), temperature in the brake node (up to 650 C) and pressure Pedal (20 to 80 bar). It should be noted the excellent recoverability (up to 96 … 99%) of the properties after the intense heat, such as mining or sport riding, which fully complies with stringent automobile. Main the benefits of brake pads Quattro Freni Wide range of products – the best Italian materials and equipment – a consistently high quality is confirmed by the permanent bench and road tests – Comfortable inhibition in all modes of operation: no squeaks, confident braking, careful attitude to the disk – reasonable price – a constant supply of goods in the warehouse, environmentally friendly raw materials – are certified to RF.Odnoy of main objectives pursued by the company at the present time – the supply of products on the assembly lines of automobile Renault, Ford, VW and other cars assembled in Russia. Actively being negotiated and there are now early results. What’s more important to our work – is to provide motorists with quality products at reasonable prices.

Transportation ATMs – a delicate and pretty tricky. As with any lifting services, transportation ATM does not allow for negligence or incompetence. You know why? Because the price of deficient transportation ATM is extremely high – and this is the cost of the ATM, and the cost of the vehicle on which the carriage, and health longshoremen involved in this work. Curiously this may seem at first view, but often unprofessional ATM transport companies is accompanied by tilting the vehicle in turns due to improper stowage, longshoremen injury because of inexperience and injury ATM because of unsuccessful removal or installation. Not surprisingly, the client wants to pass the carriage of ATMs in safe hands. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gen. David L. Goldfein offers on the topic.. But here there is the situation with the client's maniacal desire to save money. Very often, an understanding of that the transport of ATM can not be cheap, comes after the first or even second failed attempt. So: ATM transport – the pleasure is quite expensive, but it is a case where the price is directly reflects the quality.

And if you understand that no transportation of ATMs can not do, choose the only professional company. The head of one of the fairly well-known companies on the organization moved to Moscow and Moscow region "Leader of the move," confident that define professionalism firm-carrier is quite simple. Of course, the experience – the great thing. And you'd better choose a company that knows what it is transportation and ATM "with her than eat." But no less important to clarify a few things … Be sure to check whether there is a company specialized equipment for the transport of ATM machines. Learn how the firm is going to organize transportation of ATMs (in a good, professionals must first examine the place of departure and arrival and plan the job, given the possible complexity).

And do not forget to specify what to do with valuable cargo inside the ATM. An honest company will offer you make the notch content to dismantle and transport the ATM, or ask to identify your employee (security guard) for support. And do not forget: ATM transport – this is a case in which no need to hurry up, how would term it may be. Common sense still has not been canceled.