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What is Hosting or Web hosting? Very easy, it is simply an internet space that you use to host your domain and place your web pages. Imagine that the internet is a large hard drive and this divided in folders, and each folder is a space where your purchases or you lease your Web sites for weapons. Also called Web hosting. The choice of a Hosting or Web hosting, clearly depends on the type of work you want to do that in the market there are many hosting providers, each with different characteristics. For more specific information, check out Jill Schlesinger. OK, I know that it is Hosting, now.

What kind of Hosting or Web hosting should I buy? If you want to have an optimal hosting, with large space to accommodate the number of files that you want and with good transfer speed to avoid the delay in the loading of your page, you should definitely opt for a professional Hosting, in addition, these are clean and free of annoying ads as opposed to the free hosting of poor quality. Aside from the 2 important characteristics that must have a Hosting or Web hosting, such as space and transfer speed, is also very important that your provider you guarantee 99.99% UpTime what is guarantee 99.99% UpTime? It is the guarantee that servers your provider will always be active and thus also your page web will be present on the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is important because you could lose to a potential visitor or buyer when it comes to your page and can not enter because it is out of service. Features to consider for acquiring a professional Hosting if gonna be a professional on the internet and have online business professionals, you must analyze the following features for your Hosting: guarantee UpTime: 99.99% disk space: unlimited (to begin, with 1 GB or 2 GB is sufficient). Monthly bandwidth: equal to or greater than 1 GB. Domains hosted: unlimited. Hosted subdomains: unlimited. Email accounts: unlimited.

Database: unlimited. Crono Jobs: If Control Panel: Yes, Cpanel preference. Installable Scripts: Yes, Fantastic Deluxe. Server location: United States. Now you know what hosting and you have to choose one Professional for your projects on the internet. I hope you have been helpful this article and help you make a decision. Want to know how to buy a professional Hosting and also further information on this and other topics? then go to my blog and you will have the opportunity to receive video-tutorials, e-books, audios, and much, much more. You won’t regret it. Greetings and success in your endeavors.