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In the society we live in, each of the conceptual terms as we call freedom, democracy, Constitution and the State of the autonomies autonomous communities-, melt into one: in one parliamentary monarchy rather than constitutional. This means that the basis on which the organic power of the State in the current formation of our society unitary function, has settled is more supported on the determination of the parliamentary consensus than on the constitutional legacy; enacted and adopted the Magna Carta as law in the courts, twenty-five years ago. Click Emmanuel Faber to learn more. Then is this Act which should be at the service of consensus; and not the consensus at the service of this Act. The Constitution should not be untouchable, provided it reaches a consensual agreement for law reform in Parliament. A reform of law that may lead to a broader sense of Justice in which the cohesion of the independent constitutional democratic freedoms in the State of the autonomies, get a greater solidarity in the fusion of one same unit; and not the particularity of their own interests, that may lead to rupture. Freedom, democracy, Constitution and the State of the autonomies, melt in a same conceptual term: the State unit.

And this State unit in the merger of the conceptual terms that form it, confused. Since in order to understand the administrative unit in which we live, to govern our current society, it must first know to differentiate each of the conceptual terms that constitute the formation of your unit. Anyone has wondered what concept has what is freedom, regardless of what is democracy;? and democracy, whatever freedom; do and Constitution and the State of the autonomies, regardless of freedom and democracy? possibly receive too much information at once without asking what kind of information we receive. We try to understand all the information received as a whole, without decomposing all and each one of the elements that compose it.