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Tests on electrical systems and operating equipment must perform by an electrician, electronic instructed persons or by lay people, who are under the supervision of a qualified electrician. Further details can be found at Global Medical Billing, an internet resource. The plant during the o must not, Voltage available. In addition, all the protective measures against electric shock must be taken. Medical billing career takes a slightly different approach. It is during the test to ensure that the system does not again is energized by a power source. In trials among others following equipment and protective devices are tested on their functionality and effectiveness: electrical protective devices, emergency off switch, locks or relays insulation monitoring devices can reporting and display devices, such as pilot lights, signalling equipment for the switching position display on remote-controlled switches tests also include various measurements, which are explained in the following more detail. Recurring inspections are regularly made by measuring to capture all relevant physical data and to verify measurements on electrical equipment. Measurements may be carried out only by qualified electricians, electrically instructed persons or supervised laity. The used measuring instruments must be in a safe condition and be suitable for the measurement.

You should in accordance with DIN EN 61557 or comply with at least the provisions contained therein for the performance and safety. Before and if necessary even after the use of measuring devices, these should be checked. When measuring can occur under certain circumstances to the inadvertent contact with parts under voltage. To minimize the health hazards, protective equipment, as well as other appropriate measures against electric shock are to meet. Measurements shall be used to assess the functionality of the protective equipment if there is any damage or error on the system. Are appropriate and validated values such as: protective conductor resistance loop resistance threshold of insulation monitoring devices tripping residual current compliance with the switch-off time (for circuits with fault current protective devices (RCD)) periodic tests of other kind of recurring inspections also include checking whether electrical equipment subject to all required adjustments were.