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With the new BRIDGE method, the in-GmbH for Tesat-SPACECOM determined potential in process optimization in just a week. Who produces for the aviation and aerospace industries, is basically under considerable time pressure, because the launch of a spacecraft is not moved probably due to a missing part. The Backnanger company Tesat-SPACECOM is constantly on efficiency improvement rate for exactly this reason. To bring the production of satellite amps on front man, the EADS subsidiary took the in-built Informationssysteme GmbH in the House. Their strategy and innovation experts determined under consideration of all human and technical influences full optimization potential for the construction group test. The self-developed BRIDGE method succeeded in just seven days, to determine the time-delaying parameter for example in communication, resource planning and workflow, as well as to develop measures designed to improve the communication and process automation. Spokesman for the in-GmbH: Bridge, we have a very fast and effective analysis tool created, runs the a strategic approach, i.e. we evaluate the gaps based on different parameters.” The BRIDGE method is based on three modules, the Advisor for the systematic preparation of the workshop, the Navigator for the identification and assessment of the weaknesses in the framework of the workshop and the constructor as an analysis tool, and to the recommendation of the appropriate solution.

Tesat-SPACECOM develops devices for optical communication (laser communication terminal) and amplifier group. The TWT amplifiers from Tesat cover about 50% of the world market. as AEG Telecom was founded in 1949, it became 1955 AEG-Telefunken company, telecommunications, then as Bosch Telecom and until 2001 as Bosch Satcom was renamed 1983 1995 under the name ANT. Tesat employs approximately 850 people. In March 2008 the company for the first time, succeeded to transfer data using laser between two terminals at all with the record speeds of 5.5 gigabits per second.