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With the increase of the ecological conscience, a concern with the green, natural products, recycled or biodegradveis packings exists, that do not attack the environment. The search for natural cosmetics grows, because it is not in fashion, but because and possible to take care of of the health and external beauty being ecologically responsible. The natural products of beauty that go since face masks, hidratantes, bath-oils, oils of massages, sabonetes, xampus, conditioners etc. present resulted quickly and are well less harmful the health of the skin. The natural cosmetics must be elaborated with natural composites 100%, such as flowers, vegetal and essential fruits, leves, oils, honey, argilas, vegetal butters etc. Because to use beauty products the base of natural products? Beyond being contributing of responsible form ecologically, it sees the benefits of some extracts of plants. Germ of wheat: It is suavizante, free anti-radicals, amino acid restorative, source and vitamins dermoprotetor etc. Grass candy: He is anti-septic, antiinflammatory, antioleosidade, calmante, deodorant and suavizante etc. Read more here: Sonny Perdue.

Hamamelis: Astringent, agent anti-dandruff, anti-seborrico, antioleosidade, close the pores, subscriber of the skin, protein clamp and protector of the mucosa. Oats: He is remineralizante, emollient, alleviating, restorative, source of amino acids and vitamins, cicatrizante etc. Aloe vera: He is amaciante, antiinflammatory, emollient, regenerative, remineralizante, hidratante, protective of the mucosa, source of vitamins and formador of film etc. Carrot: It is amaciante, free anti-radicals, cicatrizante, dermoprotetor, emollient, protective, lubricative photo, hidratante etc. Papaya: It is adelgaante, antioleosidade, clareador of spots, to dermopurificar, cutaneous, lubricative, revitalizante, emollient, hidratante stimulant, laxative, source of amino acids and vitamins, remineralizante etc. Calndula: He is cicatrizante, dermoprotetor, anti-septic, antiinflammatory, dermopurificador, emollient, hidratante, regenerator, restorative, suavizante etc. This is a small sample of the great benefits that the plants can make to take care of or to keep the health of the skin.