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Small helicopters, great fun, for very little money are remote controlled mini helicopter fun for young people and the child in the man. With the small remote-controlled helicopters, the men and the boys can the domestic living room and calm the domestic garden make uncertain. The small remote-controlled helicopters are built so that you learn very quickly with you to fly. How hard it is to fly a helicopter, depends of what type of control it offers. Because a remote-controlled mini helicopters, which has only a 2-channel control is much easier to fly than a helicopter with a three-channel or even 4-channel control. When a Heli with a 2-channel control can fly only the helicopter up and down and rotate around its own axis. He is thus more of a toy than a sophisticated model helicopter.

With a three-channel control, you can also fly the helicopter still forward and backward and lay down so somewhat more sophisticated maneuvers. Remote controlled are the most demanding Helicopter with a 4-channel control. High down, around its own axis rotate (by operation of the tail rotor), forward / reverse, and the control options are a lateral movement. A remote-controlled helicopter with a four-channel control is similar to a real helicopter flight behavior. The small remote-controlled mini helicopters weigh often less than 100 grams and there are already for under 20 (2-channel) up to about 100 (4-channel).

Therefore well in an online shop, you can buy these helicopters. If you play with the idea to buy a radio controlled helicopter or give it to someone, you should be in clear, what it is to be used. The remote-controlled helicopters to a little fun for be used between meals or to ease the mood in the Office, then a cheaper 2-channel helicopter is already a good choice with safety. If you however have a little claim on the flight behavior, makes a helicopter with a three-channel control meaning. A four channel controller It is advisable for people who really want to deal more with the helicopter and aviation. The control of such helicopter requires a great deal of patience and can quickly lead to frustration for impatient people. As the helicopter quickly becomes times the dust collector. Very important: A helicopter with a 3-channel or four-channel control is suitable for teenagers or children under 14 years of age, since the control is simply too demanding. In addition to the small remote-controlled mini helicopters, there is still the larger remote control RC model helicopter. These partially to several kilos heavy models – as are used by people, the very strong Hobby RC helicopter deal. There is helicopter with internal combustion engine or electric motor. Priced are the models in the range of a few up to several 100 and are therefore not suitable for the gift in between. The purchase should be in-depth advice in a model helicopter shop locally or on good Modellhubschauber sites on the Internet. Robin Ewers

Play in the garden – just what? Here are some suggestions. Soon it is warmer outside again. Then, it attracts young and old with magical power in the open. Children want to no longer sit in the lounge, but in outdoor play. Families who live at home and have a garden there, may consider twice lucky in this situation.

But what should you purchase toys for the garden? I don’t like most of the children for a long time in the countryside. After at least an hour of Herumtobens around, they want toys that grips your attention longer and it offers also great fun. Which toy is recommended for the home garden? All types of balls are a still popular classic. In a sporting goods store or in the Department of a large department store a large number of selectable today out of various balls. Each sport is known to have their specific ball. Other balls are suitable depending on the age of the child.

For the whole small children one can recommend rather soft balls, while the bigger ones can go to with footballs made of leather. Also exotic balls such as basketballs and football balls are always welcome in older children. Because they provide the desired variety and just fun. The Badminton is also quite popular. This can be played with or without a net in the garden. You need only two clubs and a shuttlecock, and already the game can begin. The drawback of this pastime is their susceptibility to wind. Even at the smallest gust of air, the shuttlecock will be unfairly aborted and can spoil the enjoyment of the game soon one. A better solution is the softball game here, but on grass or other soft surfaces this can be also not perfectly played. Trampolines were very popular in recent times. Who today informed on the Internet about it, discovered a huge amount of different manufacturers and models. It is the right thing for the quite difficult from the variety of models Home Garden to choose from. Therefore, the Web site offers trampoline test very detailed and detailed descriptions of the best current models. With this information, an informed buying decision can be made. With a trampoline you can enjoy plenty of exercise and tremendously fun. The most important when playing in the garden, however, is that the parents participate in the games of children. To play with MOM and dad makes the most children in the most joy? This point before the purchase decision to consider is just for a trampoline. Because not every model is designed for adults.

Summertime is vacation time. However, as the kids happy hold? Students look forward to it already. The big holidays are soon at the door. Summer time is holiday season as you know. Every year on the new question for parents: what should you do? The H AGE editorial is an answer to this question: why is taking you as a family not a trip to the stone age. Gen. David Goldfein is actively involved in the matter. Numerous museums and institutions offer great workshops in the holiday season. Under the guidance, the kids are kidnapped in the time of Neanderthals, mammoth and co. “” Excursion Tip No.

1: Arche NEBRA with the special of ice age giant mammoths in NEBRA “in the Arche NEBRA is the special of ice age giant – mammoths in NEBRA in the period from March 30 to 04 November 2012” presents. An exciting programme accompanied the exhibition, which focuses on the vast and exotic ice age animals are available. Including original skeletons are displayed so mammoth and cave bear. For even more opinions, read materials from Sonny Perdue. Thanks to lifelike reconstructions, visitors get an idea of facing Challenges that were ice-age hunters during hunting. The programme provides workshops for adults and children during the summer holidays. These range from the theme of hunting to the stone age art. Hunting workshop, for example, spear catapults built, practiced the Javelin, and made Flint knives.

Since the number of participants in the workshops is limited, you should log in on time. Excursion Tip No. 2: the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann the Neanderthal Museum in the North Rhine-Westphalian Mettmann offers year-round exciting lectures and also workshops to try out. Highlight is the Museum Festival held every year in August. The date can be easy-to-remember, because the event is always held on the last weekend of the summer holidays in NRW. Here, craftsmen and Archeo show their skills. It is a fantastic opportunity to get a very special insight into the life of our ancestors, because here, craftsmen and Archeo show their skills.

Children can have fun in many places, but especially in the sandbox! Children so like to play in the sandbox, as if there would be no other place where they prefer would remain. Most adults have had this experience as a child himself and can watch it in their own children. But what is it really, that children are magically attracted by a sandbox? One may presume that this has to do so, that the world of the sandbox allows the children to live the life of an Erwachsenens. Because children like to imitate adults for their lives. This is one of the essential procedures, children learn about their environment. They observe adults and copy what you learned in your own behavior.

Therefore can be seen again and again on the sandbox, how children there slip into the roles of adults. A first role that is often copied, is the construction worker. In the sandbox, the little guy or the little woman is not only a child, but a real Builder, or a Baumeisterin? The child itself decides how Construction will be carried out. Be what steps first? What happens to the building excavation? All these questions are answered by the child in a way. If something isn’t, as planned, the child learns to vote his plan on the new situation and their specific challenges. It’s like in the life of the adult, where there are daily new challenges that must be overcome by a plan B.

The second role, which often take kids in the sandbox, is that of the architect and maker. The child makes the decision, whether a road so or so built. It determines how the sand Castle should look like. Often, these decisions must be enforced even against other children. So you can train his leadership potential already in the sandbox. Not all children are equal but suitable for this task. Some focus on understanding and the joint definition of objectives. But others rely on violence. This is the situation when a child one with a plastic shovel fries over the other. The fun exploring of the world of adults is an important factor which can explain the attraction of a sand box for children. So it is not surprising that many parents want to create a sandbox in the garden her children. Here are some challenges but also for the large builders, say parents. If you need more information on the sandbox theme, they can draw sandbox world on the content of the portal. There current sandbox, the right sand and good toys are presented in detail. A calculator will help determine the right amount of sand so that the children can play too great.