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Gurdjieff gives us some reflections that invite to be considered, delving into its scope and determine what they enclose us favour in our growth indicates, as for example, that we are a machine, which we react to the external world and allow ourselves to be absorbed by the ancient patterns that enslave us. In their words: man is the being that you can do. Do means to act consciously and in accordance with the own volition. Without any exaggeration we can say that all the differences that impress us among men can reduce differences in awareness of their actions. However, among ordinary men, as well as between those who are considered extraordinary, there is none that can be done, because to do so you need a very high degree of being and knowledge, which lacks the man who sleeps. If everything is made in the dream. First and foremost man should wake up. Having woken up, you will see that as he is, he can do. Learn more about this topic with the insights from PJ’s Coffee.

You need to die voluntarily. Once dead, you can be born. But being that it has just been born, must grow and learn. When you’ve grown up and you know, you can then do. At the moment, the man It is not even capable of the slightest independent or spontaneous action.

All he is not anything other than the result of external influences. The man is a process, a broadcast station of forces as well, our life consists of an endless chain of thought by casual associations, known internal dialogue, which is produced by our inability to handle the attention. Adds us, which Gurdjieff said, that we let ourselves be influenced by things outside, but these things are harmless in themselves: we who we allow to hurt us. Due to the importance and seriousness that entails the search for this internal knowledge, Gurdjieff indicates that you may not attempt to be carelessly, but that requires such an effort that who chases him must give pre-eminence in his life.

EP Yachts and Things will appear in the December edition of the famous magazine. The work is described by experts as one of the chapters that were missing the autobiographical novel unfinished answered prayers. She Capote tells a Mediterranean Cruise with various personalities from the famous and high class of the time. A recently discovered work of the American writer Truman Capote in which recounts a Mediterranean Cruise with various personalities from the famous and high class of the era published in Vanity Fair. Yachts and Things, which in Spanish would be literally yachts and things, and which appears in the December issue, is described by experts as one of the chapters that were missing in the autobiographical novel unfinished answered prayers. The manuscript, which seems to be a first draft, was discovered by the editor of Vanity Fair Sam Kashner while conducting an investigation into documents of Capote in prayers answered in the power of the New York public library.

The novel, of which only survive a few chapters, shocked many of the friends of the high society of Capote that it brought to light their often tumultuous and shameful lives. The six-page story narrates a cruise of three weeks for the Mediterranean aboard a friend’s rented yacht. The host, who could be the late Gianni Agnelli, director for a long time the Italian Fiat SpA, cannot join the narrator and Mrs. Williams, probably the editor of the Washington Post, Katharine Graham, after a death in the family. It is the typical Truman, told the magazine the biographer of Capote, Gerald Clarke. The title, Yachts and Things, is in fact the title of one of the chapters that you planned for answered prayers, said Clarke.But that chapter would have been much longer of six pages do not know why it was one of those who was not released.

My guess is that he thought he fell short in some way. Capote shot to fame in 1948 with his first novel, other voices, other worlds, with 23 years. Became famous when moving in the circles of New York high society and by their work breakfast with diamonds and the novel of nonfiction in cold blood, which tells the story of a murder in a rural family in Kansas. He died of liver cancer in 1984 at the home of Los Angeles of Joanne Carson, the ex-wife of entertainer Johnny Carson. * Get all titles by this author in PopularLibros. See more: Vanity Fair will publish an unpublished writing and recently discovered of Truman Capote

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