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There are also signs that are used for traffic management. Let these signs are not always in harmony with the color of your hat. Forgive them that. Stay above petty conventions, and remember that a sign "40 km / h" feeding at least one linear traffic cop, his family, five of superiors, family chiefs and family chiefs mistresses. 10) Do not forget that the car needs to refuel at least occasionally.

One should not think that he starved to behave the same way as your husband: sit in the kitchen and starts banging a spoon on the plate, occasionally vzrevyvaya bad voice. Car – being gentle (unlike her husband). First, it flashes a light bulb a few times, then the flame will burn continuously been, and after a while the movement of vehicles wither way, like those roses that my husband gave you last year for my birthday of Rosa Luxemburg. And you will not have time already. And your manicurist dozhidayuchis, boredom sostrizhet all the toenails. 11) If you see a state inspector waving his striped cane you, keep in mind that it is he is not a way of expressing delight at the sight of an elegant woman in a beautiful car. This means that you should gently slowing down, staying in shoulder – otherwise why would the traffic police officer is needed if you do not respond to his calls? It would be offended. So the brake and wait to fit your needs. Methods of conduct when dealing with cops and their very different can be varied. The method first (idiot) represent a complete fool, call employee 'Comrade Rear Admiral', refuse to show the law because 'I was there in the picture is not very well turned out' to ask – like Is it your hair, praise his style coat and boots, in short, get beamed and let you go with God, a friendly waving a stick in the track.

Ask the audience white handkerchief and holding it in his fist so that the ends dangle down the middle and leaning out out on the other hand a fist, you're assured the audience that with the help of magic you will not let shawl ignite. Of course people will not believe your certification, but it was not there, namely, you take a lighter to set fire to try and confidently scarf (shawl would be better that was made of natural fabric synthetic straight I said 'smells bad'). K your deepest amazement handkerchief slowly begins to burn. You apologize (doing well, very surprised face) to the audience, who took a handkerchief, failed to focus and promise to compensate for the loss. A related site: Global Medical Billing mentions similar findings. Picking up a pair of scissors, you trim burnt part of the handkerchief and pushes the remnants of a fist. Rubbed between the palms and a few mumbled incantations (demostrativno), you unwrap a scarf completely and return it to spectators! For demonstration of this focus you need gum and a small square piece of white cloth.

Fold the corners together and tie a piece of gum. Fabric take the same shape as if you pulled out of the fist part clamped in It handkerchief. The other end of the elastic mount with a pin inside the sleeve. With free gum is not taut piece of fabric in the sleeve and not visible to spectators. Taking the viewer with a handkerchief, you are going to the table where are scissors and a lighter. During this time, you must have time to pull out a piece of tissue or hold it in and the same hand, which hold a handkerchief.

Taking a lighter and turned to the audience, keep your hand with a handkerchief so that the clenched fingers looked at you and the audience did not see natyanuvsheysya gum. Pull out a piece of tissue from the fist, the audience will think that this is part of the scarf. Now you can burn. Cutting off the burnt edges zatolknite tissue back into a fist. As long as you rub the cloth in hands and say the spell and release the remaining piece of cloth and rubber band to pull it back into the sleeve. Now you can return safe and sound shawl astonished spectator

There are accessories? Predalagay! Settled seller-pro in a huge department store. Accepted on probation and placed in the most sluggish department – say, show what you can do. For lunch, the director goes to showroom and hear: – Oh, you have chosen an excellent hooks. Translation Software Market Size shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. We immediately see an expert! And what is your fishing rod? – Common, bamboo … – I can offer you the latest innovation! Fayberglass, lightest folding fishing rod, the latest model of France.

Here take it, try as well in the hand rests. – Beru! – And where you go fishing together? On Klyazma? This weekend promised rain. That’s great Swedish raincoat, not a drop pass … Click ihor kononenko for additional related pages. Director returns from lunch, watching – and the counter has the same buyer. He listened: – And your car will pull this motor-boat? You know, if you’re not sure, buy a better SUV. And do think – not the same beat BMW on our rural roads. In the next section are great discounts on jeeps. Let me now you’ll take back, my friend there to help you choose the best SUV.

The seller was gone, returned, the director just ecstatic beats: – Bravo! Well, you’re really a master! Start with a hook and finish and a motor boat Jeep! .. – Do you think the hook? No Way! He asked, in what department you can for my wife ‘Tampax’ for sale. And I said to him: ‘You have the same output lost. Than sitting at home, it is better to go fishing.