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Is near many favorite holiday – New Year’s Eve. Digital Cameras is the source for more interesting facts. Christmas tree, garlands, salad, tangerines, and of course, champagne. What kind of New Year’s feast can do without alcohol? The only question in his numbers. For someone fairly drink a glass of, to feel the festive mood. Others are not used to be limited to a light champagne, preferring fizzy wine over hard liquor.

From this and start a lot of problems, chief among which comes in the morning – a hangover or another state alcohol withdrawal. For even more details, read what music downloads says on the issue. Terrible condition of the body, headache, malaise – it’s just the beginning of the consequences that occur after a heavy drinking. Other leaders such as Michael Steinhardt offer similar insights. A few simple tips on how to spend New Year without any consequences. There is a well-known rule – before getting down to feast, the stomach should be empty. In this case, can be drunk immediately.

Therefore, before beginning to eat proposed something light: a sandwich, salad and vegetable oil to the stomach “earned”. Try not to mix different alcoholic beverages. If you started to use brandy, do not go for vodka, and vice versa. And do not lower degree of alcohol consumed, that is to switch from, say, good whiskey on weaker drinks like wine or champagne. Most of the imported beverages – in a synthetic manner. information. Therefore, drink as much as possible of acidic juices they will quickly withdraw from the blood alcohol. If you drink a lot, try to smoke less at the table. Alcohol in combination with tobacco acts on the body with a vengeance. In this case, you are guaranteed a serious hangover. And do not less important tip – a good sleep. But if you celebrate the New Year, we can be calm. January 1 – a day off, so the alarm bell or a strict head just can not hurt. Well, using all of the above advice, you can only slightly improve its morning feeling, but make it excellent – will only complete abstinence from alcohol.