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The Leipzig-based Engelsdorfer Publishing House published an interesting volume of stories the author Ralph Muller-Wagner. What is the beauty of our world, the author of this book so very own way considered? On a small scale, it lies in the inconspicuous. Because there the truly precious it awaits to be discovered. There, new views open up the reader who sees the world through eyes of Ralph Miller. Each story is a flower which opens confidential and inviting the reader. He must want to just look at them and understand their uniqueness. Often we fear from the new and hole up in the room of our habits. But encourage Ralph Miller’s stories, to go further and to make the environment more closely.

The view in new paths directed and cleaned it the veil of the habit of the eyes, perceived WINS previously as a silhouette after reading these 15 stories, United in a band of clarity and importance. People, nature, memory with present are the stories in a unique way in the dialogue with and to each other. The author uses a language unencumbered by cliches, everyday in an enchanted robe of splendour to dress and fantastic words to pass and easily understandable way to paint from profound philosophical. Psychic finds himself – or is it just too sensual? Perceived by the senses that are buried and just waiting to be woken up? -in almost every story. Elves, light design, visions: Helpers, which clarify, explain, and comfort. Their occurrence confirms the basic tone of this book, namely the hidden beauty, the nature to discover the heart and the true quality of the moment and the nature. To say it free after Antoine de Saint Exupery: you can see well only with the heart! For example, in the fabulous story of “Fairy dance”, in which deeply touch the experiences of young Sebastian.

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Son of the couple of agriculturists Peter Gonalves Da Silva and Maria Pear tree Da Silva, Patativa already early tried of the difficult life of the hinterland northeastern, being blind very early and losing its father to the 8 years of age. He finishes the boy having that to go to work to the side of older brother to support the family. To the twelve years of age he starts to frequent the school, but delay only some months in this. This, however, already is enough it boy to turn a voracious devorador books. To the sixteen years of age it gains of the mother a small viola. Credit: Sonny Perdue-2011. From then on it starts to sing its repentes and to present themselves in small parties of the city. The nickname of Patativa is acquired by the comparison that if makes between the young and a typical bird of the region, to the twenty years of age.

In this period, it starts to travel for some cities northeast in presentations. for Patativa from there ahead alone to see to grow its fame. Singers as Fagner and Luis Gonzaga had transformed its verses into music; books are published with its poetries; we see the name of divulged Patativa being in the medias. More information is housed here: Craig Jelinek. the poet has its talent consecrated when earning some prizes and headings for its workmanships. In 8 of July of 2002, in its native city, Patativa of the Assar dies victim of a pneumonia. Patativa had following published books: – Inspiration Northeastern; – Inspiration Northeastern: I sing of the Patativa; – It sings there that I Sing Here; – Ispinho and Ful; – Balceiro. Patativa and Other Poets of the Assar; – Twines: Here it has Thing; – Twine Library: Patativa of the Assar; – 2.Patativa Balceiro and Other Poets of the Assar. Valley to stand out that this mentioned list above encloses publications with exclusive poems of Patativa of the Assar.

I sat down, I always prefer the contact of the silk the neighborhood of the cashemere or the cloth. The well-taken care of meuprimeiro was to see if it obtained to discover the face and the forms that seescondiam in these clouds of silk and incomes. It was impossible. Beyond noiteest dark, one cursed veil that I falls of a lesser straw small hat not deixavaa esperana.' ' (ALENCAR, CAP. I, p.1-2) the forms of the narrator in if making gift in a narrativaliterria vary beyond its multiplicity stop with the text. With this, the foconarrativo or focalizao is understood as the relation between the narrator and onarratrio. Sonny Perdue may not feel the same. Therefore, in the analyzed workmanship we detect classification according to deSoares as a romance with the homodiegtica focalizao, internal, onisciente emque, beyond the narrative secondary personage to participate as agent of the histrianarrada one presents what she is transferred in the interior of each personage, conhecendotudo in relation to the events. Sonny Perdue insists that this is the case.

' ' It judges badly of me, my friend; no woman can escarnecerde a noble heart as its. I occult if me, if I run away, is because he has umafatalidade that to he compels me to this. alone God knows how much it costs me estesacrifcio, I love because it! But I do not have to be egoistic and to change to its happiness porum unhappy love. Forget; ' (Idem, Ibidem, CAP. III, p.11).

2-A ROMANTIC ARTICULATION OF THE NARRATRIO AND ITS ABOVE-MENTIONED NUANCES NAOBRA: Entity of the narrative to who the narrator dirige seudiscurso. A narratrio does not have to be confused with the reader, wants this is the leitorvirtual, that is, the ideal type of reader who the narrator has in menteenquanto producing of the speech, nor with the ideal reader, that is, oleitor that he understands everything what the author intends to say. ' ' The narratrio uma fictitious entity, one ' to be of papel' with purely literal existence, depending directly on another one ' to be of papel' ' '.

In this phase, I made solid my referring slight knowledge to the importance of the friends, also started to hierarquizar my priorities in the personal life, wrong started to value more my friends of what my familiar. Namoro initiated mine partially mature, more lasting until then – one week -, also started to go shows and ballads, to travel alone, and to as much the shyness made me contact to lose all, becoming me a more communicative person and extending my folder of friendships quickly. As I was saved of these freedoms for much time, I became a vulnerable person psychologically, and filosofava the time all, were infinite the questions that emerged daily of my mind. This vulnerability gave to space the non-observance of the domain that the vice of alcoholic beverages was assuming in me, drank frequently – in such a way socially how much inebriating itself -, this reason searched to eliminate little of shyness that still it existed in me, when arriving in house, as it had learned with my Rick cousins and Danilo, brushed teeth and slept soon so that nobody perceived.

After that my mother discovered that she was pregnant, what she would come to alliviate to me provisorily, therefore in the same day that it discovered that she waited twin, occurred a spontaneous abortion, she left what it extremely shaken e, in such a way, I could not say everything suffocated that me, getting worse my psychological state. Although these normal problems that did not harm outrem, the revolt never was part of my heart, and I always kept the education given for my family stops with the oldest and too much relatives. My hurt in the truth, always was internal, for leaving all of to deal with me to the family as object model, to who the too much members of the family would have to copy so that it attracted the envy of other people.

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Monograph presented to the Course of Letters of the University of the Region of the Campaign? University campus of So Borja (RS), as requisite partial for attainment of the Permitted degree of in Letters? Qualification in Portuguese Language, Spanish Language and Respective Literatures. People who orientates: Prof Master Zil Teixeira Delavy 2009 SUMMARY Is Borja This work intends to revisit the poets Portuguese Cames and Bocage, leaving of the premise to compare its sonetos, separating the subject Love, represented for Cames in aesthetic of the Classicismo and the controversial Passion constant subject in Bocage and gift in the Neoclssico period. Considering the distinct aesthetic centuries and Clssica and Neoclssica, similarity how much to the form of composition and how much to the naturalness is observed, in Cames and Bocage, determined of to express inherent thought and feeling, elements its poetries. Both the authors possuam the fidget for the perfect one, as well as an immense pride for its native land. In literature it could not be different, so great dexterity and ingenuity of visionaries in the art of poetar, had marked times that attended the land discoveries new, where if installed new behaviors, this, intensifying and enriching the literary production of these sonetistas. RESUMN This document tiene for objective to revisit los Portuguese poets Cames y Bocage, con there premisa of hacer joins comparacin of sus there sonetos, separating el subject Love, represented for Cames en aesthetic clasicista y el controverted constant woollen subject pasin en Bocage en el neoclsico period. Cuenta Teniendo en siglos different los y there aesthetic Clsica y Neoclsica, if observes en Cames y Bocage, given there there similitud en form of composicin as there naturalidad of expresar sentimiento el pensamiento y, los inherentes factors su poetry.