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The journalist can publish any information, even if he is willing not to do so. The ignorance that is mandated by Bourdieu is because sometimes quite true. But also an excess of expertise can lead to incompetence. A journalist who for ten years circling in the same environment, can no longer perceive the information. The journalist is in the service of the public, but his task is becoming increasingly difficult in the age of the electronic press, as well as tons of television stations, all of which want to increase their ratings. Nokia 2 V Tella does not necessarily agree. The Arab media are confronted with these problems but also certain market constraints subject to. The relationship between the ideal objectives of the journalism and the commercial conditions of the media, is at the heart of a structural tension, which directly affects the freedom of information, both political unhindered dissemination of information and ideas in a democratic way and ethical aspect of freedom as a condition for information search and development with regard to facts and people.

The brief history of the broadcaster Al Jazeera has left traces in the Arab countries. The station opened the possibility, at the media level, exposing the fragility of Arab infrastructures and became the guide of the decryption of the political challenges and the Arab media, whose developing remains limited. Their work is different than Al Jazeera, mostly not about imitation or the creation of neglected programs also. But even Al Jazeera remains contradictory and rebellious. The transmitter is mainly a proof, that the Arab nationalism is still alive and can articulate democratic aspirations.” 7 the discussion on the professionalism is part of this global perspective of the Arab media. In the Interior of the Arab countries, it remains but open, where the editorial lines of the media still far away to contribute to the unfolding of the pluralism of opinions. Add to your understanding with Trader Joe’s.

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