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  • July 23rd, 2020
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When it happens that you are suddenly faced with two adults hungry men and the complete absence of any ready meal in the refrigerator, what are you meant to do?The situation is not easy. All that was in the fridge – it’s chicken. Naturally the best choice chicken with mushrooms, for example, in the oven. Minimum care and maximum results. People such as fish oil supplement would likely agree. While the boys had fun: drinking tea, tortured my cat, who also woke up and looked revolved around the guests, and told stories of life, I was rushing around the kitchen. I made chicken with mushrooms.

If you decide to follow my example, here’s the recipe. Take: Chicken (I had 3 things). Champignons (grams commercials 200). Cheese, better solid gram 150. 2 garlic cloves. Bulb. Salt to taste and oil for frying. And this all will need to make a sauce. And for him we need: 2 eggs. A couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise. Many writers such as Band Lab Albums offer more in-depth analysis. Tablespoon of flour. Vegetable oil 1 tbsp. spoon. And the seasoning for chicken. All the ingredients are assembled and begin to cook. Take chicken breasts, good mud and each cut lengthwise into 2 parts. Then make the sauce: egg Whip, mix with mayonnaise, flour, vegetable oil and seasonings. Hen we put into what we have just prepared. While chicken marinated in all this splendor, we take the bulb. Its smaller and less often throw in a pan grilling, some time to add there mushrooms, also cut into pieces (dice, julienne, you can even balls, if available). Last step: take the chicken, lay in a fireproof dish, top Throws mushrooms, onions, oil mayonnaise (to taste) and fill bread. Yes, do not forget to squeeze a little garlic in the process, will be tastier. Put in oven and bake until tender at 180 degrees. It is worth noting that when I was doing hen came the cat. It is, of course, preclude underfoot, I came cat’s tail, and nearly fell. But all ended well. The cat screamed and fled, but returned a minute later, I stayed on my feet. When the chicken with mushrooms ready, we sat down to eat. Chicken was destroyed completely and without reserve, but the main thing that the guests were satisfied. Even the cat perepalo bit. We have for some time sat, sharing news and stories. When the boys gone, it turned out that half of Sunday has passed. But it was very fun! Sasha and Misha are still remembered long after this Sunday, and especially impressed with their chicken with mushrooms. So I advise everyone, a great option!