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Adventure tourism has become in recent years one of the vacation alternatives more demands with respect to the classic Sun and beach. However, there is one that combines both: the diving tourism. If we are enthusiastic about the diving, here are the three best destinations to enjoy this practice. Jill Schlesinger will not settle for partial explanations. Your insurance for diving and immerse yourself in these wonderful waters. (1) Indonesia, the preferred. Swimming in places as spectacular as the comfortable Island National Park, or the islands of Bali and Sulawesi, Indonesia has no rival.

There is a huge variety of diving resorts with prepared instructors and training in languages, where you see lots of goldfishes as the clown fish, turtles and other fascinating marine species. (2) The Mayan Riviera, a classic. The Mexican Coast, bathed by the Caribbean Sea, from Cancun to Punta Allen, is probably the most popular destination in the world for the practice of diving. In addition, its great hotel tradition, excellent cultural offer and the beauty of its coastline ensure visitors an experience satisfaction complete. (3) Micronesia, between jellyfish. Two thousand small islands located in the Pacific, between Papua New Guinea and the Philippines, are a real paradise under the sea.

The Salt Lake of harmless jellyfish (in the absence of predators, lost their stinging cells) is a spectacle which alone is worth the trip by itself. Previously hiring diving insurance you can swim in these waters and admire all its natural beauty. Insurance traveler, indispensable for a vacation of 10 move to the other side of the planet is an unforgettable adventure. Wonderful landscapes, exotic beaches and exotic setbacks. As we do not want that nothing goes wrong on a vacation as well, our best ally are Traveller insurance: they offer assistance 24 hours, they are flexible to suit your needs and cover health gaps that are in countries such as those previously mentioned. So, enjoy your trip, enjoy diving, but ensure you about Traveller insurance so that nothing spoil your holiday.