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4. operate self-PR! That you do good work, should be self-evident. But that your clients also notice that, unfortunately not by itself is. Therefore, it is important to show offensive, what you actually can and do. For other opinions and approaches, find out what IoT Network Grid has to say. This has nothing to do with posturing, but is a necessary part of your marketing. So drop your reluctance, and talk about your successes, achievements, qualifications and skills.

A successful self-PR will continue to increase your pull. Prerequisite is of course that they even really know what you have to offer. Make aware of your strengths! 5. What is special about you? To be noticed on the market at all, it is important to differentiate itself from its competitors. It is therefore imperative that you find out what is so special, the unique to you and your offer. Especially for smaller companies, this is to the Example often the intensive personal contact with the customer. But also a specialty within the field of your activity or a special skill can give you the necessary ahead of the competition. Once you’ve found your speciality, concentrate on and evolve it.

Because it is promising to provide excellence with a small range, to cover just mediocre as a range. 6. position itself! If you have found the specific to your offering and expanded, you have created the best basis for optimum positioning on the market. The best position is where an actual need on the part of the customer and at the same time fully to play out your strengths and qualities, so that they act as expert. Follow less that what makes the competition, but above all on your own skills and ambitions and, of course the needs of customers. Raise your profile with a specialty and become a Expert status, which seems almost magnetically on customers. 7 make a recommended referral marketing is an efficient and doing very simple means, to jump over the hurdle of acquiring new customers.

Have you entered once the word ‘Coaching’ in recent times on Google? Not so with the seminar Organizer for systems constellations Ammersee-sys. Karin Intveen and Volker Hepp work already for many years in their system lists only after the six-eyes-principle? The two are a good team when it comes to accompany the clients from the confines of the male or female head. Thus the assessment of a woman may be in one case maybe the crucial tip to the good solution or but the view through the eyes of the male is clearly the real problem of the client or the client. For many of its participants, only the experience of the self-image in the cooperation was a part of the solution. So far, Intveen and Hamilton have offered this form of the six eyes coaching sessions in the form of seminars. Now they offer their special form of 360 feedback in single sessions. Many shy away from this before-the-Group situations or just don’t have the time to make a whole day of their obligations”, so Karin Intveen about the new offering. We also have in the individual work even more clients to respond to the opportunity.” Volker Hepp is one of the strengths of this form of six eyes coaching in it, that always one of the two (if necessary) can slip into the role of a statement while the other still sees the big picture: assumes the Installation Manager to several roles in the usual form of the individual work in constellations and must leave for getting his proper role.

This can confuse.” Conclusion: Who wants to even see his problem through the eyes of the opposite sex or discuss with him, here strikes a sound to look trained and best experienced coach team, whose humorous and appreciative art just whets the appetite, beyond one’s own nose. This form of six eyes coaching takes about 1.5 hours and costs 195 (incl. VAT) Ammersee-sys is a collaboration between Karin Intveen and Volker Hepp, with the aim of, joint seminars in the field of systemic constellations and Perform self experience and coaching. We come from the traditional family set-up and have grappled with different directions and teacher (Varga von Kibed, Jakob Robert Schneider, Wilfried de Philipp, Victoria Schnabel) as well as other forms such as NLP, solution-focused brief therapy among others and developed our own style. The mental models of all those who deal with systemic thinking and approaches were also interesting for us. But detached from all directions are in the foreground. Your concern should be clarified in the work.

You should advance the step which you currently want to progress. We are both certified installer of the IAG. Ammersee-sys Volker Hepp Walchstadter str. 19 82266 Inning am Ammersee Tel. 08143-99 266 76 fax. 08143-99 266 78 mail.

With the license to the destroy. Check with Jack Fusco to learn more. Shredding in accordance with BDSG regulation destruction with highest standard security level 5 (!) In any company, in any administration, in any Kleinstgewerbebetrieb data fall today, the need to tackle something no outsiders, be protected even from their insight. Others including Costco, offer their opinions as well. Be collected no matter whether it is to Bank data, information from the social services or human resources reports… What on data media such as paper, typewriter ribbons, diskettes, magnetic tapes, CDs or DVDs is being held or has left there at least, should be actually secure, made unrecognisable and illegible, to finally instantly – without interim storage – in the truest sense of the word anonymous”to be recycled again. A targeted and secure document destruction is not only a matter of trust, it is now a clear need. In times of so-called “Datenklaus”, it can afford no more, only side and unausreichend safely, discreetly and reliably destroy files and co. to Let. But who can you contact, for a reliable file management and data destruction, in the area of Mainz, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Bonn, Dortmund? Right: for example, on us! We have made it our by shredding Rumpel Fritz for you our top task, specifically to destroy files.

This also applies to all other data which may arise in the context of a good company, but also in the everyday life of the private life. Data destruction, shredding and file disposal made easy and secure. The various files and data which may arise in the course of a company or private life, are only very rarely frivolous nature. They can contain sensitive data, which should – innocent bystander to face no one and which effectively and safely should be destroyed when they are no longer needed. There are even designated DIN. We go very closely on these standards. For you, this means that all the files, you us to destroy trust, according to the “highest” DIN 32757-1 on the prescribed “Shredding level 5”.