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A few days ago, I analyzed the question made in burlesque form by one (minor) young woman whose questioning was basically Yes do there is an inconvenience that is stipulated in the Constitution, for her beer with skinny?. As a first step, popped into my mind the ironic circumstance that in this consumer society, is knowledge of almost all Colombians (by not say all) being banned in minors, the consumption of alcohol and alcoholic beverages, so that made me unusual that the girl did not know this. In my opinion, and as a reflection to the question formulated by the young, the appropriate response would be that while the political Constitution of Colombia expresses not verbatim to this forbidden consumption of beer with skinny jeans, Yes in its article 95, in the duties and obligations of Colombians, exalts and enacts that any person required to comply with the Constitution and the laws. That is, if law and Constitution that situation, were this young does not It would have to be consuming beer. Details can be found by clicking Digital Cameras or emailing the administrator. The 1994 Act 124, is precisely one that governs this prohibition, and currently remains in force, waiting as the other laws of the Republic, be fulfilled by Colombians who make up this country.

However, this situation with our reality, making sure I have noticed a major problem because of the lack of attention and ignorance, which receives this article 95 of the Constitution. Hopefully the prized young and in general all Colombians without any exception, bear in mind what was said by the Constitutional Court when it is mentioned that the Constitution recognizes the person and the citizen but at the same time imposes obligations (judgement T-532 of 92). Obligations do not consume alcoholic beverages with skinny jeans as you can believe the young, but if understand that as well as we have rights, we must similarly comply with our duties..

General considerations, reach and impact characteristics of the ecological reality at present is subject to commitment, active participation of Governments, ensure the preservation of the environment, of the need to be attentive to the reality of this in favour of the guarantee of planet Earth, since then, all this entails that will take much interest within reach, implications that generates ecological laeconomia in the present. He says, that you must be attentive in relation to protect manage nature that is the vital support of mankind, we lack knowledge about nature and the relationships between societies and their environment. Therefore there is uncertainty about the consequences of our actions, which in turn means adopting precautionary principles and approaches open to social participation that scientific knowledge is insufficient. Use of systems theory, from the natural sciences, to understand the dynamics and evolution of the problems. Educate yourself with thoughts from Debbie Staggs. The issues of equity and distribution of inter- and intrageneracionales are fundamental. Nature has value in itself, regardless of use or usefulness to humans. The economy is integrated into broader so that nature cultural and social systems, economy and society coevolve. Social and cultural aspects acquire much importance to guarantee precisely one good liveability is has to ecological economics. What comprises this ecological economics?, Wikipedia gives us in this regard, that defined as the science and management of sustainability or as the study and assessment of sustainability (in), is not a branch of economic theory, but a field of study transdisciplinary. Which is to say that each expert in a science, for example biology, knows a little economics, physics or other in order to communicate between researchers and make a fusion of knowledge that allows better cope with problems, which guide it and motivate, since the usual economic approach not It is considered appropriate. But it is also open to non-scientists. The basic problem that studies is the sustainability of the interactions between the economic subsystems and the macro system nature.

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One of the reasons by that the proprietors of small businesses Web in line do not make money, is because, or they do not have a niche or objective market to which to aim, or simply do not have the knowledge in its place to create the type of flow of income that need. For example: – Some initiate a Web site, but they do not announce to obtain traffic. – Others, With a poor man contained in its site, that does not attract prospectuses, and they do not make anything to attract them. – Also there is quines create a Campaign in Google AdWords, with announcements but of bad quality, doing difficult to secure click to its site – Others try to optimize their site to obtain good ranking in the motors search, but they do not do it. Obvious, If to all the previous one, we added the stupidity to him of not knowing to who our services or products go dirijidos, (we do not have a niche of defined market), we fall the major of the failures of the majority of the new entrepreneurs in Internet, that are the one to begin to sell a product or service, before investigating who are and where their possible clients estan. The most important way stops to sell in line is to count on a niche. This means that it has a specific group of people to those who to sell its products or services. It can do it of many ways, including the selection of a specific sector on watch, in a determined geographic place, or choosing demographic but specific places. What happens when you do not have a place where to ofrecrer his products? Not only it will lose the approach, as far as where its company or product goes, but also that will not know how to commercialize his product.