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Previous version of the 1C: Enterprise 7.x comes with 1996, increasing the possibility of the issuance of the regular versions, and new components. To date, it is based firm 1C produces dozens of mass circulation application solutions (configurations). In addition, the platform provided by the possibility of changing the configuration of a specific organization in place many tens of thousands of specialized application solutions focused on specific needs and characteristics of accounting for these companies. The total number of organizations currently using products of 1C: Enterprise, more than 700,000. The most common limited edition products of 1C: Enterprise, designed to automate various user tasks (accounting, warehouse, human resources management, etc.).

Recently, rapidly increasing the number created in the 1C: Enterprise products intended for automation of accounting and business management, including resource planning, customer service, budgeting, etc. The massive success of the introduction of such a wide range of products is largely due to the fact that the basis of 1C: Enterprise is a flexible technology platform, which features and allow the company to 1C, its partners, franchisees, independent developers and system integrators, and also to the clients themselves to create a variety of business applications. The presence of such a platform provides on the one hand, the high speed of development and modification of application solutions, and on the other side – the unification of their use, from installation and administration features and ending with the user interface. Obviously, the possibility of ready application solutions are largely determined by the platform, on which they are built.