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do you ever have you ever wondered why they are hard being teen? How many times you feel that the world is against you? Sometimes I think that not devi birth? do because I get depressed by everything? Actually there are many ways to define adolescence many think q young people become reveldes against parents but by the side of young people they think q or parents are against them because enrealidad both are part of adolescence but many say porq I go my father doing case I do not understand that, but parents say this young man than what q WINS take me the opposite? do as part parents have reason but can not always be expected q q tu angelito remains tu angelito lifetime already q all we grow and have q tastes very probably will change and there is where the prblemas empiesa q parents costs OK q your baby is growing and q already goes to sit to see barney on television some reasons of the porq? friends freedom independence by this music is by lo q most families your child has problems already q is growing and prefers to go out with his friends q be conmiendo and playing in the yard of his house but perhaps this brings a problem with your children? do bad friendships drugs cancion aggressiveness because if no sq if your kids turn out will make droagadictos and thieves but this depends very much on the place where crescan children and the kind of friendships with the q walk them as the old and well known saying El q walks with Wolves auyar aprende but this can be controlled? There are methods or solutions q will improve the family relationship? clear q can be controlled of course this nape has q go for the benefit of parents already q goes to notice Demaci change q will be most sencilloq can do is first speaking family and get started to negotiate a plan with the rest of the family something q motivates much a young is out with his friends but as going out with friends without money eh? course one Countertop is serious the best option depends work and their behavior in the week so it will be the amount of your countertop then you have your counter may go out with friends and have a time limit’s arrival at his house but this already depends on parents and the behavior of their children really be teen is not difficult as q is it is difficult to accept q eres already one q many veses feel q all hate you q nobody loves you and everyone wants to see crushed on the street but why is devemos accept our problem and look for solutions remember porq q adolescence is the stage q more remember and not opened nothing better q to enjoy it to the fullest with q people want and love good luck and fight by what you want original author and source of the article