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Both have equal rights and credits one on the other, with exception of a responsibility, the leadership. This is a subject that is natural in any collective life and that it is consistent with the nature of the man. Get all the facts and insights with Jill Schlesinger, another great source of information. The Alcoran thus affirms: ' ' they (the women) have similar rights to (of the men) on them, and the men are a degree above of them. ' ' (ALCORAN 2:228) the reference degree? that it has in the citation is aluso to the Quiwama (maintenance and protection). This mentions the difference to it between the sexos, that the fragile sex for protection qualifies. It does not imply superiority or advantage in no aspect.

The paper of leader of the man on its family does not mean that it can be the owner of its wife. At no moment it has references on the prohibition of contraceptive methods, since in the Islamic society, the woman is advised not to engravidar before suckling after for at least twenty and four months each gestation, directing all the attention for only one baby. After the birth of its children, the woman more passes to be respected, therefore to the eyes of the Isl, being mother is one of the biggest gifts, being thus, must extremely be respected: ' ' You harmonize you with them; therefore if menosprezardes, you could be depreciating a being that God endowed with many virtues. ' ' (ALCORAN, 4:19) Under one to look at panoramic, function of the woman is to establish a family and to direct the house, with the purpose of, in a comfortable environment, to live with its family, being promoted the indispensable activity for the conservation of the life, to in this way pass the teachings and rules for its children, but not hindering that it exerts other types of activities of its choice, in fields where it can play functions without disobeying its nature and its character, playing them successfully, in accordance with its abilities.