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Already in the first measures it is observed operating university reform occurring of consubstanciada form thus the facultieses had become university for the juxtaposition enter the superior institutions thus unifying itself, the courses that long ago acted in isolated way. However, the federal state withheld all autonomy on the institutions that still university professor occurred of form, as conseguintes all the modifications had been molding in elapsing of the time keeping its remaining aspects. The economic situation politician and also reflects the vision of superior education in country dated after 1945, having then certain university privatization and the search for social ascension since, many sectors demanded a superior level for acts of contract, in this exactly period happened the federalizao of many universities as USP and UNB these last with ideas humanists who if molded in the concepts of culture, arts, science and technology, that it was boycotted at the time and created thus, another institution. The creation of the LDB in 1961 did not modify very in the superior educational system, only acted in administrative levels inside of the educational spheres. From 1968 the university educational politics in superior education will only start to construct bases for the university reform of 1968, due to redemocratizao of the Brazilian society and the search of formation for the work more specialized to take care of the capitalist market disfarado by Populism, nationalism and desenvolvimentista. No longer period of 1968 the 1990, the universities gain force and space for estruturao of the academic courses everything in function the university reform that occurred in years 60 to the end of the 80, following lines of direction of law 5,540 of 28 of November of 1968, this had as objective to fix the norms of organization and functioning of superior education and its joint with the too much levels of education, from there the pulled out one for the modernization college student, bringing factors that had established connection and remodelled the education, searches and extension, that if extends ties 1990 middle, when occurs the increase in the number and largeness of the institutions, the opening for privatization, and university extension ties the interior and diversification in the areas periods and courses of vacation conducted for the calls private universities with enterprise vocation.