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The law of Asturias of hunting dating back to June 6, 1989, has been a clear exponent guarantor and paradigm, since its entry into force, of a regime of equal opportunities for all hunters. I try to claim a good system, inthe measure of my ability, and show my outright rejection towards these incomprehensible and because not, discriminatory qualifications, giving faith, from my particular viewpoint of the bonanza that has represented social hunting in our community, in the hunting, social order, medium environmental and rural, industrial and drift in the occupational market through strong dynamism. However at the current time, glimpsed certain difficulties in its degree of sustainability which surround it and straining. They are detected fissures that point decline early, calling for reforms, not should be neither rigid inmovilista in the appropriate changes that proceed to do the Act and the regulation that goes with it. Carry out these changes which is suppose to be improvement, should be undertaken without prejudice to the participatory status with the markings which are to be attributed, but within the canons of behavior that have been giving. In this sense, nor a step backwards. It has not been us bad fans hunting for the Principality with this singular standard of hunting in Andalusia. Everyone has hunted much in Asturias in recent years, you will continue, we still have enough margin to do so, and that let us safeguard this asset in the form of wealth, which are game species that have colonized numerous settlements, the future of this art or sport, you’ll find stashed in Asturias.

RIP of the question, I would say, from my thinking, that is intended to create an alternate current of opinion face an involutional process of social hunting in our land. In this sense, from inside and outside of Asturias, are already taking the first steps. There is collusion that betrays them; concerned about the support provided some from here.